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Austrian Interior Minister: No other perpetrators. According to Nehammer, the alleged attacker who died in Vienna was sympathetic to the terrorist militia of the “Islamic State”. The man was 20 years old and he was punished for membership in a terrorist organization. The number of injured rises to 22, Germany is among the fatalities. On the terrorist attack thematic page, Facebook accidentally shows violent photos and videos of the crime scene, reports Simon Hurtz. Read what is known about the attack and what is not here.

Chancellor Kurz calls this act “an attack on our free society.” There will be no room for this hatred – continues Kurz – report Anna Ernst and Barbara Galaktionow. Alexandra Föderl-Schmid writes in her comment that for experts it was only a matter of time before the terror also penetrated the most livable metropolis in the world.

A bloody trail through Europe. After the attacks in France, Austria has now experienced a sensational murder: Islamists’ willingness to use violence is increasing again. Germany could also be hit again. Constanze von Bullion, Florian Flade, Paul-Anton Krüger and Georg Mascolo (SZ Plus)

Obama compares Trump to a “secondary dictator.” The former president mocks his successor’s behavior on Twitter. Meanwhile, in two small communities, election day begins at midnight. Reymer Klüver explains why it is not clear when exactly we will know the result of the presidential election. Here you can read all the election events on the blog live.

The Junge Union favors Merz as chairman of the CDU. For Prime Minister Laschet of North Rhine-Westphalia, the vote is a failure. In voting for the Jagiellonian University, he came only third, behind his competitors Merz and Röttgen. Author: Robert Rossmann

An expert in the Halle trial finds the accused completely guilty. A psychiatric report from the Halle trial confirms that the defendant is fully guilty despite a personality disorder. The man tried to storm the local synagogue and shot two people. If convicted, he may face preventive arrest. Author: Antonie Rietzschel


Spahn: “Emergency brake” was necessary. The Minister of Health provides information on the current situation in the health care system. Brandenburg Prime Minister Woidke is infected with the crown, Transport Minister Scheuer is in quarantine. Current news from Germany

Where children can still train. The federal states introduced a different ban on sports in November. In football, it is seen, for example, in Berlin and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: there, children and some young people are exempt from the partial ban on sports. by Johannes Aumuller

Already 30 lawsuits against partial blocking in Bavaria. Various companies are opposed to their closure before the Administrative Court. In Würzburg, the student loses a lawsuit against the quarantine obligation. An overview of all events in Bavaria

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Palmer: Seniors should only shop in the morning. The mayor of Tübingen wants to hand out FFP2 masks to older citizens and asks younger citizens to avoid shopping in the morning out of reason. Not everyone at risk is happy with it. Claudia Henzler

Most are silenced. Donald Trump is trying to stop opposing voters from voting. The suppression of US voters has a long history. Guest contribution by Jan-Werner Müller

Something is up. The demonstrations against Corona’s politics grow weaker and weaker, but the tone becomes more aggressive. How dangerous can protests be? Florian Flade, Georg Mascolo and Ronen Steinke

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Author’s speech on the US elections: Which would be the worst scenario? Are international election observers used? And if Biden wins, what will happen to migration, climate and TTIP policies? The author of SZ, Stefan Kornelius, head of the foreign policy department, answered readers’ questions about the US elections. To collect

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