Celebrates Schaum Family Days

June 12 at the ARRIBA Adventure Pool

More fun and safety in the water: the popular German hair care brand Schaum is celebrating family time by organizing Schaum Family Days in four selected leisure pools. Begins June 12 with the ARRIBA Adventure Pool. Main guest: Franziska van Almsick!

This year, Schauma becomes the partner of the swimming season and set itself the task of helping children learn to swim. The emphasis is placed not only on making families aware of the responsible use of water, but above all on bringing families together and enjoying the pool season together. Since z foam we celebrate family time as quality time. And what should not be missing after a swim in the pool: our even more conditioning, foaming hair care products! Schaum – take care of what is important to you.

Schaum Family Day at the ARRIBA Adventure Pool

It starts on Sunday 12 June. Because it is here that Schauma celebrates the first Schauma Family Day in one of the largest amusement pools in northern Germany, the ARRIBA adventure pool in Norderstedt near Hamburg. Best of all: the first 200 families (maximum 2 adults and 3 children 0-15 years old) receive free entry to the ARRIBA adventure pool and a € 50 voucher for the whole family. There are great Schaum products on top! If you can’t be there, you don’t have to be sad, because the next Family Days will last until the beginning of September.

Photo: Schaum

Schaum Family Days

What could be nicer than spending time with your family at the pool in summer? Basically nothing! However, almost 40% of eight-year-olds in Germany are not yet able to swim. To motivate more children to learn to swim while encouraging families to spend time together and create moments together in and around the water, Schaum is taking action this year.

Franziska van Almsick is the main guest at the ARRIBA adventure pool

As a partner of the 2022 swimming season, the family brand Schwarzkopf is planning, together with four selected leisure pools, the Schaum Family Day with the theme of children’s swimming and water fun. And what would a pool party be without the right guests? The main guest of the ARRIBA adventure pool in Norderstedt is swimming legend and Olympic champion Franziska van Almsick. The former competitive swimmer from Berlin has been supporting children to learn to swim since 2008 with her Franziska van Almsick Foundation. With the support of sponsors, the foundation raises funds to enable children all over Germany to learn how to swim properly. Objective: By the end of primary school, every child should be able to master the style of swimming and have fun in the water.

“It is very close to me that as many children as possible can learn to swim, because swimming saves lives. Together with Schauma and Schauma Family Days, I would like to draw your attention once again to the topic of children’s swimming and motivate families to do so with the topic Learning to swim and playing by the water. “ says Franziska van Almsick, who will be there live as sponsor of the Schaum Family Days on June 12 in Norderstedt and will also organize a swimming lesson there with some children.

A colorful program at the four Schaum Family Days

In addition to exciting information on swimming and swimming lessons for kids, fun activities are also planned for swimmers of all ages. Twister races, bubble games, a hula-hop competition, running mats and an air guitar competition based on Schauma’s current song – there is something for everyone here. Schauma’s mascot, Schaumi, is also part of the party and makes Schauma Family Days something special for the whole family.

Foaming pleasure

this Schauma products provides fun in the bath for the whole family. All Schaum shampoos and conditioners do not contain ingredients of animal origin and, thanks to the high level of care, ensure a pleasant touch. The Schauma Kids line, developed especially for children, with a mild formula with a neutral pH, does not contain artificial dyes, parabens and silicones, detangles the hair, making it easier to comb, and at the same time smells fruity. Children’s shampoos not only care for the hair, but also gently cleanse the body as a 2-in-1 product. Here’s the right product for every family member!

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