Festivals “People are greedy to play”: 90,000 people swing in the ring and in the park

For three days, tens of thousands of people celebrate in front of the stage – at two festivals in Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate. After a two-year hiatus at Corona, fans had some catching up to do.

Dancing, love showers for fans, almost no masks and a lot of community spirit: After two years of obligatory break in Corona, more than 160,000 people celebrated the return of the iconic Nürburg and Rock im Park festivals “Rock am Ring”. in Nuremberg. “This festival means a lot to all of us,” exclaimed Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong during the Nuremberg performance, kissing the audience.

With 90,000 attendees at the Nürburgring, the organizers spoke of the record number of visitors: “The restart couldn’t have gone better. The optimism and joy of being part of the festival again could be felt everywhere ”. A police spokesman said at the outset, “People are greedy for fun and joy.”

However, many did not seem to be able to completely suppress the Corona and, according to the midfielders’ impressions, behaved more cautiously and sensibly than in previous years. “This year is calmer and more relaxed than we are used to,” said Sohrab Taheri-Sohi of the Bavarian Red Cross in Nuremberg. As a result, hundreds of operations less than in 2019 were carried out. “The crime rate is very low compared to the years before the crown,” Nürburg police said. “People are in a good mood, but they don’t do much for us.”

It was clear from the crowd in front of the stage how much they enjoyed partying together and dancing together again. Many hugged each other, jumped wildly to the music, sang and cheered until they got hoarse. The Munich band Sportfreunde Stiller was surprised by such a big party on Sunday: “So many people on the third day, amazing!” Said singer Peter Brugger in Nuremberg. “It’s amazing, we’ve gone back to what resembles our festival lounge.”

A total of around 75,000 music fans celebrated at “Rock im Park” with bands such as Placebo, Deftones and Muse – many of the dozens of bands appearing at the two festivals at different times. There was a surprise at the start of the Nürburgring track: when the alternative rock band Donots started playing the classic Tote-Hosen “Here Come Alex”, Toten Hosen suddenly took the stage in person. Cheers, one more song, then the cult band from Düsseldorf gave up.

Also this year, most of the visitors stayed overnight on the huge camping grounds. And as usual, there was a lot of naked skin to see. In the summer heat, many women wore tight pants and skimpy tops, while many men wore no T-shirts at all. Quirky headgear, unicorn costumes, and glitter on the skin were popular. “People are open-minded and in good spirits,” said the 31-year-old, who came from Saxony to the festival.


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