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A trip to the “Moosmännleinpuren” offers children a lot of fun, excitement and entertainment – but of course it is also suitable for whole families. It shouldn’t stay on one route.

Schoeneck. Legend says it like this: A little man lives in the woods around Schöneck. He wears a long white beard under his bowed hat and bulbous nose. Since his cloak is covered with moss and twigs, the gnome is called Mossman. Hardly anyone has seen him so far. But if you walk through the forest and keep your eyes open, you can see traces here and there.

Isn’t it a pound that can be used for tourism? Big yes as an answer. This has long been used in Schöneck.

A tourist trail for the whole family has been opened in Zielone Świątki. It is approximately four kilometers long, starts at the tourist information in the Ifa holiday park and runs throughout the city.

The idea for “Moosmännleinpuren” came from the former managing director of his own service and travel company DLT, Michael Hecht. They were eventually implemented by his successor, Jennifer Braun, the city and the advertising agency J + J Media Klingenthal. This also includes a discovery booklet available at the tour desk start, where the squirrel Ecki helps you look for traces of a little moss man.

Stations like the magic forest, gold mine and rock castle can be hiked on an adventure tour – by the way, no problem with a pram. Playfully designed signs show the way or assign tasks for the little ones to solve.

According to the mayor Isa Suplie, the cost of the Moosmännleinpuren hiking trail was 94,000 euros. Most of it was funded by the European Union’s Program for Rural Areas (Leader). Suplie: “We have a 120km network of hiking trails and with the new trail we have another gem for everything for families. We missed it. ” Simone von der Ohe, Managing Director of Leader regional management for the use of funds, confirmed this: “This is money well spent. Since 2015, we have received over 600 grant applications for a total amount of EUR 35 million. 400 of them have been realized Schöneck is at the Vogtland summit, only three million euros have passed through here. “Not only because of the diligence in the application process, patience and persistence on the part of the Schöneckers. From next year it probably will not stay that way. Then a new financing period begins and According to Isa Suplie, the city is already planning another project: a second children’s hiking trail in the Meiler area.

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