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Energy independence, decarbonisation and climate protection are some of the most pressing problems of our time and it can be said that a lot has happened on a small scale in recent years. However, in order for sectors and industries to keep pace with social and political change, innovation and sustained transformation efforts are needed. This is what the Greentech Festival, GTF for short, held on June 22-24 under the slogan “Together we change” is about as a global platform for sustainable development and green technologies. For the fourth time it brings together start-ups and corporations, environmental activists and politicians, researchers, experts and consumers in Berlin. In 2022, it will take place for the first time at the new festival site of the closed TXL airport in Berlin.

With over 100 well-known and recognized exhibitors from companies, politics and business, as well as exciting pioneers from the sustainable development scene, GTF presents a large number of products and ideas on a curated platform promoting sustainable transformation. Together for the future: thanks to these and other measures, a high level of motivation and active cooperation, we can effectively protect our resources and contain climate change. – Greentech Festival

Tickets for the Greentech Festival are available here.

An amazing start

Also this year, GTF will showcase technologies and innovations that can help all of us save resources. One example is smart electricity storage: Sonnen, a Shell group company, will showcase innovative products and services to bring people closer to a new form of energy supply. “The Airive exhibitor changes the rules of the game, focusing on mobility,” the festival organizers continue. “Business travel is essential – and is often associated with high emissions. There is another way: Airive is contributing to the mobility revolution with its platform software for structured decarbonisation of vehicle fleets and business travel. ” The platform analyzes the current CO₂ footprint, shows potential savings and makes specific suggestions for climate-friendly vehicles including infrastructure and charging services.

Greentech Festival wants to introduce positive changes and we can only do it together with the entire GTF community – online, but above all offline. That is why this year’s motto “We change together” – with this in mind, we invite all change makers and thought leaders to come to Berlin and shape sustainable transformation with us – Nico Rosberg, GTF co-founder, sustainable entrepreneur and Formula 1 World Champion

Awards, conference and exhibition

The Green Awards, which are presented as part of the Greentech Festival, celebrate their 15th anniversary this year. In addition, “new, activating live experiences such as e-mobility driving experiences or concerts with great artists” are to be presented on a total of 10,000 square meters of outdoor space. Over 100 exhibitors will make the exhibition an interesting and entertaining place. The conference also invites you to discuss and learn.

“We are already looking forward to the June Greentech festival in Berlin TXL. We couldn’t have imagined a better event for the revitalization of Tegel. Long-term planning in particular for the next few years makes Greentech Festival and Berlin TXL the ideal partners. ” In this way, the former airport will become a popular place for green technology and sustainable lifestyle, explains Gudrun Sack, Managing Director of Tegel Projekt. GmbH, in a statement.

More information about the event can be found here.

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