Train – Hamburg – Porsche and punks: Sylt can also have a ticket of 9 euros – economical

Westerland / Timmendorfer Strand (dpa / lno) – The island of Sylt, which was conjured up on social media as a dream destination for travelers with a € 9 ticket, did not experience a dreaded state of emergency during the long Whitsun weekend. Police spoke on a normal operational situation on Monday. “From a police point of view, the island was packed, but the Pentecost holiday mood and the stress of the operations were no different from the years before the Crown Period.”

According to the police, about 150 punks who came to Sylt to spend and celebrate Pentecost were given special attention. There have been talks with them that they will behave within the borders, a police spokesman said over the weekend. According to a report in Hamburger Abendblatt, the innkeeper was desperate because punks had set up camp in front of his bar and therefore had almost no visitors.

The punker explained in the NDR Schleswig-Holstein Magazin that they came “because we are told we are not needed here and we just see it in such a way that we have exactly the same right to be here as everyone else and that is why we are here. “Another traveler with a can of beer and a training jacket said:” We would never have thought of going to Sylt if Sylt hadn’t screamed, we don’t want you here. “

And so on Sylt you could see Porsche driving past groups of punks or celebrating champagne in the expensive bars of Kampen, while beer was the favorite drink on the streets of Westerland or on the beach.

On Saturday night, crowds gathered outside Rotes Kliff and Dorfkrug in Kampen, said Lars Lunk, head of the beach section at Kampen Tourism Service, “SHZ” “It was partly like New Years Eve, many waited to be admitted.

Kampen Tourism Director Birgit Friese told a German news agency that it was “a truly wonderful Pentecost in Kampen”. There were many joyful celebrations, but most of all it was a very peaceful one. “We only saw happy faces from Buhne 16 to Pony to Rotes Kliff Club. I am glad that many young people had such a great time with us. ” Edelclub Pony celebrated “a state of emergency” on its website.

In the last few days, there has been a lot of talk about Sylt in the debate about the € 9 ticket. Calls from left-wing online groups to “board” the island quickly spread.

In fact, many of the trains arriving at the island were packed to the brim. Photographer dpa reported that many of the train’s passengers had arrived in a party mood. But then they quickly spread throughout the island. However, not many beaches were announced on Saturday – it was gray most of the day and only brightened up in the evening. In the beginning, Sunday was much sunnier.

A rail spokeswoman said full trains to the coast were typical of Whitsun weekend and not necessarily because of the 9-euro ticket. Federal police spokesman Hanspeter Schwartz said Monday everything was calm. Some people would sleep at the station, probably because of the weather. Besides, there were no special incidents.

The Bay of Lübeck, which can be reached quickly from Hamburg with a ticket for 9 euros, was not overcrowded on the day of Pentecost. Several sun lounger rentals in Timmendorfer Strand have already posted a “busy” sign on Sunday afternoon. But if you looked around you still found a free cart.

It was full, but not overcrowded – summed up the situation on Saturday, an employee of the tourist information center in Niendorfer Hafen. More people came than on Ascension Day, but the weather wasn’t that nice either. The promenades and cafes were frequently visited.

At Pentecost, the fast journey caused the trains to fill up again in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. As expected, a lot has happened, especially in the islands and shores to the south, a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn said in the morning. However, for a typical return day, it is nothing special. The biggest wave of travel is expected in the afternoon.

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