With family to Australia – fun for young and old

Australia is at the top of many wish lists. No wonder, because apart from kangaroos, koalas, operas and endless deserts, the country has a lot to offer. Australia is an ideal travel destination for families with children. In this article, we provide our tips for family activities you won’t experience in Germany. You can also conveniently book an Australian Visa for your family on your laptop. We’ll show you how it’s done.

feed the kangaroos
When you think of Australia, kangaroos probably first come to mind. You can find these wild animals everywhere in Australia. Especially in the vicinity of big cities, the jumpers have got used to people and are less shy. There is even an island in Perth inhabited exclusively by kangaroos. A day trip with a picnic is definitely a lot of fun. Most kangaroos can be petted and fed. It is even better to observe them through binoculars. However, there are also many zoos that offer small kangaroo zoos. You can also find koalas there.
By the way: as tempting as it is, don’t make fun of koalas. It harms animals and it’s just making money. Therefore, it is better to admire the koalas from a distance.

learn to surf
Known for its perfect waves, Australia is the best place to surf. If your little ones want to practice surfing, Australia has the best chance. Many beaches offer surfing lessons for the whole family. A nice change for a beach holiday. A surfboard and wetsuit can be rented for a fee.

Quokka, cycling and snorkeling
If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, book your accommodation on Rottnest Island. Situated just outside the city of Perth, this island is absolutely stunning. The sea is very shallow and calm. The turquoise water looks beautiful on the light sand and encourages you to snorkel. The entire island is a magnet for tourists who explore every corner by bike. Nevertheless, the island is quiet and perfect for rest and relaxation. This is especially due to the cute quokos that inhabit the island. These little friendly animals are very interesting. Perfect for kids.

explore the desert
Don’t miss a trip to the Australian desert. The white or red dunes are absolutely mesmerizing. Seek guidance with your children. We recommend booking a suitable excursion. You will receive important tips on how to behave in relation to the local flora and fauna. If you’re nearby, don’t miss Uluru! If you plan to visit the desert, pack good walking shoes and protection from the sun. Buy a local mosquito repellent. The creams that you take with you are often less effective.

star gazing
If you are already in the desert, take the opportunity to reserve a camping tent. Outside of cities, light pollution is minimized. A unique opportunity to view satellites and millions of stars in the sky without disturbance. If you’re lucky, you might also spot a shooting star or two. The sweater and scarf do not hurt because it gets very cold in the desert at night.

Apply for an e-Visa
Australia with family is an absolute experience. Please book a visa for yourself and your family before booking the various activities and hotels. It is important that each person has their own visa. All children need a passport valid for at least six months when they land in Australia. The best way to book a visa to Australia is conveniently online. Not only is it cheaper, it also saves you travel to the Australian Embassy. You can choose between a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa. The visa is valid for 12 months and allows you to stay in Australia for up to 90 consecutive days for entry.

It is important when completing the visa application that all information is truthful and without any typos. Misspellings can already lead to rejection making it difficult to apply for a new visa. Australian border control may also reject your visa if it detects errors. Therefore, make sure that you fill in all the details entered in your passport. To apply, you also need a valid phone number, email address, and credit / debit card that you will use to pay the fees. As soon as your visa is approved, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. You should carry them with you in digital and printed form. Border control will also require a printed confirmation to process your visa and link it to your passport.

To be admitted into the country, you must also hand over your completed IPC (Incoming Passenger Card) at the border control. You can get it on a plane or at an airport in Australia. This card must include the address of your accommodation in Australia, your country contact person, as well as cash and customs declarations. Please note that you must provide any personal information that has changed since you applied for a visa to Australia with the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Otherwise, you may be refused entry at the border. This data includes your email address, telephone number or relationship status. You may also need to provide health certificates. Australia has strict rules to protect its borders from disease and other threats.

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