“15 Peaks” tells about personal relationships and the most beautiful paths in the Bavarian Forest

Photographer Evi Lambacher sent three teams – each consisting of an author and a photographer – on a tour of the Bavarian Forest to prepare the 15 Peaks tourism book. The result is personal stories and photos with a personal touch. −Photo: Martin Dobrusky

Some books are hard to resist. Beautifully designed title, silky-soft, strong paper, the smell of printer ink when opening pages, photos that catch your attention, texts that you would like to read for the second time …

With the “15 peaks” Lichtung Verlag has created such a miracle. The publisher is the famous photographer Evi Lemberger. She grew up among the peaks of the Lamer Winkel Bavarian Forest and eventually realized that she only went on day trips to the Bavarian Forest. Why not experience an evening in the mountains, wake up there and continue your hike? So she developed the concept for this 300-page book of reports and tours on hiking in the Bavarian Forest.

Personal reports with individual photos

Evi Lemberger sent three teams of two – one author and one photographer – to discover the Bavarian Forest for themselves. The result is very personal travel reports – told and photographed in a very individual style. Wanderers went on hikes in heat and rain, reports of personal extreme experiences and great experiences of happiness. It is about nature, history, neighboring countries, meetings along the way and again and again about walking – on soft earth, granite, gneiss, asphalt and amphibolite gabbro on Hohenbogen: “How small and insignificant is a man’s step to a 300 million-year-old rock” .

The texts by Katharina Schmid, Mirko Boysen and Michael Gruber are kept in the style of a magazine. An exciting little dossier about the hustle and bustle of Geißkopf, hiking in Ilz, the magic of Großer Falkstein, or the former NATO site on Hohenbogen – a Cold War memorial that few know about. An enrichment – and at the same time a small respite from wandering – are 15 short interviews with the inhabitants of the region. This is what Charlie Hess, who spied on the Warsaw Pact in Hohenbogen on behalf of the United States, says. “Ilzige” Babsi Dorsch tells about her relationship with the river. And 94-year-old Stilla Moritz revives a hard life in Leopoldsreut, one of the lost villages on the Haidelkamm.

The wonderful photographs of Eva Lemberger, Martina Dobrusky and Benedikt Seidel open their own narrative level – and they literally call for an exhibition. Mushrooms on a tree in a wooden hut, foggy landscapes, great panoramas and a little red alien dressed as a telescope on Silberberg: The photos show “Beautiful in an inconspicuous” – as one of the book chapters is called -, often save a lot of absurd realities and make you he wanted to watch while walking.

At this point, one could think of a lot of materials for a travel book. And it is true. However: very well structured material. For each summit there is an introduction, a path to it, a circular route and a “Wegweg”. The “information box” on two pages shows routes, places to stop and sleep, “things to visit” and “things to do”. Using the QR code, you can easily go from the book to the “Outdooraktiv” website, where each hike is recorded with GPS data. At the end of the chapter you will find a “hut guide” with amazing photos and tiny, sharp-edged texts that can be used as a guide to the inn even without great tourist ambitions.

The three little hikes with children at the end of each ridge are somewhat different from the general concept – but were written personally by Caroline von Eichhorn so refreshing that they may be a little consolation to all parents who are vainly trying to teach their offspring to hike.

The book is young and cleverly designed

“15 Peaks” is a hiking book in a modular format – you can compose your own personal itinerary, from a short two-hour hike to a multi-day hike to the top. But you can also create your own reading and viewing experience with all the colorful, stimulating design elements.

The fine detail that some readers ask if this is really the point contributes to the free browsing experience and immersion: the book is bound in an open thread binding. This means that the spine of the book is not stuck together, which means that all pages can be opened smoothly.

“You don’t always have to climb high to survive the peaks,” says one chapter – here you can only agree: this young, lovingly and cleverly designed book is the ultimate reading and viewing experience.Regina KremsreiterEvi Lemberger: 15 peaks. Reports and hiking tours in the Bavarian Forest, Lichtung Verlag, 304 pages, 26 euros

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