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Recruitment software helps companies with the application process

Competition for specialists and talented employees is becoming more intense between companies. According to Handelsblatt, many companies are still rejected by candidates during the selection process. According to HR managers, 94 percent. this is because the candidates in question have already been accepted for a position in another company. The time needed for the recruitment process therefore plays a key role for employers in the race for the right workforce. If it takes too long, your candidates will be snatched from under your nose.

In order to increase the speed and streamline the application process, many companies today use recruitment programs. They conduct a pre-selection of candidates in accordance with the specified criteria specified by the relevant company and only invite to an interview only those candidates who, based on the submitted documents, best suit the position. It’s about things like: Where did you study? How much relevant experience do you have? What qualifications do you take with you? While this makes the selection process a bit boring and “more impersonal”, employers should also use this route to find their employees in a more targeted manner. According to Handelsblatt, very large companies such as Audi or Google can no longer process the influx of applications in the traditional way. They receive thousands of applications every week. An almost endless mass that HR workers can hardly process accurately. Therefore, these companies rely on the use of software.

Score with the right keywords

Since the AI ​​of recruiting software is ultimately just a computer program, you can use the algorithms behind it to your advantage. As reported by heise online, cybersecurity researchers Anahita Samadi and Shirin Nilizade from the University of Texas have found that using the right keywords can manipulate artificial intelligence. To this end, Samadi and Nilizade compared job advertisements and applications, and based on differences in advertisements, determined which keywords in the application were assessed as keywords for the algorithm. Apparently, enriching the content of the letter with relevant keywords improved the position on the ranking lists for the selection of candidates. However, do not overdo the keywords. According to heise online, violent inclusion into the application will be penalized by the software. Letters that were dotted with too many keywords move back down the rankings, the researchers found.

The basics also apply to software

If you want to be successful with your application, you must of course also fulfill the absolute basics with the software. Make sure your spelling and grammar are correct, as computer programs recognize errors very well and sort them accurately. The failures in this area are even worse with AI than with human recruitment, as no one here re-evaluates the overall picture of the candidate and perhaps makes a choice based on subjective liking. If you know that you need to convince the machine, it makes no sense to try to be distinguished by a special creativity or excessive typing style. The program soberly asks for content. So it needs to be on the topic and well structured for AI to recognize everything that is relevant. If you write factually and precisely, you can earn points. According to Handelsblatt, for example, you can become the favorite of the engine by listing ten things you are really good at. As already explained, it is also about the relevant keywords that are required in the job advertisement.

A small break from your usual application habits then affects your CV. This basically means that you should limit your resume to one page and never extend it to more than two pages. This policy does not apply to Recruiter. As it is kind of a robot, unlike a human, it has no problem reading the pages. Unless a person has time to read a few pages of a CV, this is not a problem for the machine, it is only important that the CV includes everything related to the job. It is not necessary to shorten because of the page limitation. All required knowledge can therefore be explained in detail. Nevertheless, the curriculum vitae should only be kept for as long as necessary and not deviate from irrelevant topics. Good structure for AI is also important here.

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