Corona: Events June 6-12, 2022

2.15pm: Foreign Minister Baerbock positive for Corona test

After a positive swift coronation test, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock canceled all other meetings shortly after the start of her visit to Pakistan. This was announced by spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs Christofer Burger on Tuesday on a sideline trip to the Pakistani capital of Islamabad. Initially, the green politician wanted to go to Greece and Turkey after a visit to Pakistan, which was scheduled for Wednesday.

1.50pm: Economically weak regions take advantage of the koruna pandemic

According to research by the German Institute for Economics (IW), some structurally vulnerable regions in western and northern Germany developed exceptionally well during the years of the crown pandemic. Cities such as Wuppertal, Dortmund and Kiel are traditionally among the weakest economically – but in the current assessment they are at the forefront of particularly dynamic regions, said the Cologne-based IW.

So there has been a movement in the ranking. Apart from the current economic level of the regions, the VI also looked at the dynamics of regional economic data. There have been significant changes since the last evaluation. “Regions that ranked lower two years ago are now at the top of the dynamic ranking,” said study author Hanno Kempermann. For example, the Ruhr area is approaching. The regions of southern Germany fared much worse.

IW wrote that districts and cities where industry, but also tourism and events or retail are strong, are currently struggling with difficulties. Among the beneficiaries there are other municipalities that have already focused on further development of the regional economy in recent years.

11:23: “Partygate” – Johnson is waiting for a vote of no confidence

Clash in “Partygate” scandal over parties during the coronation blockade in England: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is faced with a vote of no confidence from the Conservative party after months of criticism. Even today, 359 Tory MPs are to decide whether they want to continue to be led by him or not. If a majority votes against Johnson, he will lose his post as Prime Minister for the time being.

On Monday morning, the chairman of the party’s responsible committee, Graham Brady, announced in London that the required number of letters – at least 54 – had been received from Tory MPs. Thus, a threshold of at least 15 percent has been reached.

9.40am: Chinese service providers suffer from severe coronation measures

The Chinese economy also did not gain momentum in May due to the corona blockade. The purchasing managers index for service providers rose 5.2 to 41.4 points, according to a study by S&P Global for the Caixin media group, published on Monday. This means that the barometer, which has received a lot of attention in the financial markets, for the third month in a row remains below the 50 mark, from which it signals an increase. Service providers account for about 60 percent of the world’s second-largest economy after the United States, while providing half of the jobs in the city.

The Chinese economy has been in a corkscrew since early April as the country grapples with its worst corona outbreaks since the outbreak of the pandemic in early 2020 and has blocked large cities such as Shanghai.

6:30: Leipzig Bach Festival with guests again after two years

Following a cancellation and a slimmed-down digital version due to the crown pandemic, the Leipzig Bach Festival is again attracting visitors from all over the world this year. The number of foreign guests is already greater than in the record year of 2019. The director attributes it to the motto of this year’s festival. The festival under the slogan “Bach – We Are Family” from 9 to 19 June will be a family gathering for the Bach community. The program was already scheduled for 2020 but had to be canceled after that. Now it will consist of two parts this year and 2024.

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