Holiday care – fun during the summer holidays in the Zwettl district

There are only a few weeks left before the children can leave the next school year and enjoy their vacation. The question arises: what to do with all my free time?

Christmas games have a long tradition here to provide children with a varied program, even when there is no school. The Summer Holiday Games have been held in the municipality of Zwettl for almost 30 years. “Summer is just around the corner and with it comes time for adventure, fun, exercise and creativity. All of this is being offered again this year at the Zwettler Ferienspiel, ”says city councilor Josef Zlabinger, pleased with this year’s series of events.

From July to August, the Zwettl program hosts 77 events from 27 organizers and clubs, from many sports to cooking lessons and visits to the emergency services. As in the previous year, registration takes place online via the website

Speed ​​pays off

Pre-registration for this is possible from June 20. You can register for the events themselves from Wednesday, June 29 from Speed ​​pays off, so in 2021, on the first day of online registration, users completed 400 registrations, seven events were fully booked.

Christmas games are also organized in other communities. “I am delighted that we can offer some events again,” says youth councilor Lukas Brandweiner (Groß Gerungs). For the first time, there will be a research laboratory and an event organized by an adult education center. Six dates have already been set. As always, all information will be sent to the children, along with their reports, on the last day of school.

Children can also count on Christmas games in Rappottenstein. Mayor Josef Wagner recalls: “Meanwhile, we also know what appeals to the children,” and talks about the varied program.

After the first summer game in Echsenbach last year was so well received, there will be a repeat this year. Seven dates and a closing party are planned.

Free morning care at Zwettl

In addition to holiday games, childcare options during the holidays are especially important for working parents. “We attach great importance to high-quality childcare. That is why our kindergartens offer constant care until 17:00, explains Zwettl city councilor Anne Blauensteiner. The care in the morning hours is free, in the afternoon there are gradations of a maximum of 85 euros for more than 60 hours of care per month per child.

Young participants will learn about horse gymnastics on July 22 and August 19 at the Rosenau Castle Riding School.


For the first three weeks of summer vacation, children are looked after in the main kindergarten, and then in two municipal kindergartens, which are open throughout the summer holidays. On request, children can be looked after in primary schools from 7:00 to 17:00. The cost is 25 euros for one day a week and 50 euros for five days. In addition, the commune, in cooperation with the Lower Austrian Land, organizes holiday care in the classrooms of the primary school.

Outside the municipality of Zwettl, the consensus is that care is provided during the first three and last three weeks of the holiday. In Allentsteig, this is the case in kindergarten and primary school. “In previous years, we only had the first three weeks. This year, there are also enough registrations for the last three weeks, ”says Mayor Jürgen Koppensteiner.

In Rappottenstein, care lasts until 4 p.m. “24 children register in the busiest week,” says Mayor Josef Wagner. According to the municipality, similar registration numbers are found in Groß Gerungs. The costs are the same as for normal afternoon care. In Echsenbach, parents pay 75 euros for three weeks for primary school care which takes place only in the morning. In kindergarten, the normal monthly fee is charged from the morning. In the case of afternoon care, the costs are spread out to 80 euros. “We already have a lot of registrations and are forming two groups,” says Mayor Josef Baiderer.

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