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According to the organizer, 75,000 people took part in the Ikarus Festival 2022 near Memmingen. A mass that was unimaginable a few months ago. What was good and what was not?

According to the organizers, 75,000 people attended the Pentecost Memmingerberg celebrate the return of a sense of the festival. Because the sixth edition of Ikarus offered everything that was associated with it, for better and for worse: pushing crowds, high prices, two longer storm breaks and completely muddy paths at the campsite. Yes, this is what the festival looks like. Anyone in two years of Corony who doubted whether it could be this again – whether they would like it to be so again: at Ikarus 2022, masses were celebrated as if the pandemic had never existed.

Over 120 artists have performed on seven stages since Thursday. Line-up, i.e. a compilation of DJs and musical styles, was once again the greatest strength of the Ikarus Festival. “Constant entertainment” organizer. Munich he also wants to give space to niches such as progressive psy-trance and has reserved a “Medusa Shelter” for this purpose, which has not been beautifully decorated this year. Overall, the stage optics were no longer as convincing as in the last edition in 2019: the main stage of the “Olymp Stage” in the open air was even more impressive three years ago.

Ikarus Festival 2022: a beautiful Forest Scene, further scenes can be expanded

In the former “Hade Cage” aviation hall there is at least one interesting innovation in the fashionable appearance of “Lost Places” with the potential for more. The “forest scene” in the forested area of ​​the airport remains a nice, unique selling point for the Ikarus Festival: visitors were able to dance day and night among the flickeringly lit trees.

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It was the Ikarus Festival 2022 in Memmingen

Relaxed and ethereal sounds were also heard here, while the big names on stage played elsewhere. Fritz Kalkbrenner restored the mood on the main stage on Friday night after the first storm break. EDM producer Oliver Heldens mixed Abba’s chorus into his beats and hit the masses. It is unfortunate that Robin Schulz had to cancel his performance due to damage to the plane. In the case of “Alle Farben”, also known for its catchy radio hits, the organizer was able to present a replacement in a short time.

Techno at Ikarus Festival: too loud for some, too quiet for others

Those who prefer stronger sounds have a taste for the Ikarus “Minos Tent” tent. Enrico Sangiuliano controlled the audience from the first minute and gave an amazing performance. Only downside: many visitors would like it to be even louder, but after complaints from residents three years ago, there were clear requirements for volume. Pan-Pot from Berlin and Belgian Amelie Lens showed the best acid techno late at night, and at the same time Stella Bossi brought the atmosphere before “Onos Shelter” to a boil.

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Ikarus Festival 2022 has come to an end – here are all the photos from the weekend

Brazilian Victor Ruiz was able to light the fire a second time after Friday night, when he had to replace Monika Kruse in the Minos tent on Saturday – her plane also failed to take off. Before that, it got really crowded on the main stage in Mausio: thousands of overnight visitors joined the campsite guests on Saturday on Ikarus in best weather. DJ Steve Aoki would throw a cake in your face after midnight if you want. The American made his fans ‘cake’ in front of the stage his trademark.

On Sunday, the weather threw the key to work for Ikarus for the second time. Due to the threat of lightning, the festival had to be closed at 2:45 PM. The guests were asked by loudspeakers to seek shelter in their cars. The fact that there were even more muddy paths after another pouring rain is part of the festival. More problematic was the fact that there was no mobile phone coverage throughout the entire weekend. Without a network, most visitors were unable to contact their companions or follow the organizer’s warnings and information on social media.

Muddy desert instead of a green meadow: There was a storm at Ikarus campsite after two storms

Mud desert instead of a green meadow: After two storms, “land under” has appeared at Ikarus campsite.

Photo: Felix Ebert

Ikarus 2022 on Sunday: The storm drives some festival visitors away

After 5 p.m. we continued, but some of the guests had already fled before or after the storm. On Sunday evening, the stage was much empty than on Friday and Saturday.

To prepare for more rain, the organizer and his stars moved from the outdoor stage to the tent just in case. The wonderfully lively Palestinian Sama ‘Abdulhadi began, followed by techno legends Adam Beyer, Carl Cox and Sven Väth. Beyer has shown why he has been a master of the drum code for over 25 years. Cox kept his spirits up until midnight before Väth started the final. Perhaps only “Papa Sven”, one of the techno veterans, can afford to turn his back on the audience for two minutes. At 4 am on Monday the music and lights went out on the stages. The first Ikarus after Corona’s two-year break is history. But the festival feeling comes alive again.

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