Landtag – Wiesbaden – government declaration: Rhine for “freedom in security” – politician

Wiesbaden (dpa / lhe) – In his first governmental statement, new Hesse prime minister Boris Rhein (CDU) focused on security policy. “Giving citizens freedom in security … is the most important task of a democratic constitutional state,” he said on Tuesday in the state parliament in Wiesbaden. Security covers all aspects of the existence of society.

In addition to internal and external security, Rhein mentioned economic and social security as well as preserving the creation and secure supply of renewable energy. The new head of government was elected a week ago in the state parliament to succeed longtime Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU).

The largest opposition party reacted with criticism to the government’s statement. “The new beginning is different,” complained Günter Rudolph, leader of the SPD parliamentary group. The speech was “a set of cloudy announcements that things should get better now.” Rhein made no mention of important issues such as soaring rents, especially in large cities.

Rhein has announced that it intends to transform the Frankfurt financial center into a leading location in continental Europe in terms of financial sector regulation. The Rhine-Main region should become one of the most important locations for cybersecurity, space travel and data centers. He confirmed his plan to bring the IAA motor show back to Frankfurt. “I can’t tell you if we can make it, but we must at least try.” Traditional fairs do not belong to Munich.

According to the prime minister, the government intends to present the Hessian climate law this year. For the first time, the country wants to give its climate goals a legal status. Therefore, Hesse should become climate neutral by 2045, five years earlier than originally planned.

According to Rhein, a new climate protection plan will be developed to reduce Hessen greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, in line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Protection and the EU and federal government’s climate goals. Important building blocks are the expansion of bus and rail transport as well as inexpensive tickets, such as the planned city ticket for all employees of the Hessian municipalities. The amendment to the Hessian energy law is also intended to provide “important impulses for the development of renewable energy and greater energy efficiency in buildings”.

The CDU politician announced a hospital summit for inpatient care in Hesse, which should include experiences from the crown pandemic. “Our goal is for every Hessian to be able to reach the hospital within 30 minutes in an emergency.”

In connection with the flood disaster in the Ahr Rhein river valley, he said that the existing siren network should be rebuilt. The country will also check what other protective measures are necessary. “This applies not only to technical issues, but also to an adequate supply of food, drugs and medical supplies,” he explained. The state government will also work to ensure that the federal government develops the shelter concept with the states. This should also include relevant buildings such as metro stations, underground car parks or basements in public buildings.

Rhein also announced a bill on the gradual reorganization of civil service salaries in Hessen. He wanted to involve the unions at an early stage. The Hessian Administrative Court ruled late last year that civil servants’ salaries in Hessen were too low and were in breach of the Basic Law. The judges decided that in 2013-2020, officials were underpaid.

Parliamentary secretary of the Greens’ parliamentary group, Jürgen Frömmrich, said: “In a statement by Boris Rhein’s government, the coalition focuses even more on protecting the climate and conserving natural resources.” The process of transformation of the economy towards climate neutrality and environmental compatibility is nothing more than the greatest structural change in the economy since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

The chairman of the AfD parliamentary group, Robert Lambrou, called the government’s statement “another political and substantive approach of the CDU to the Greens.” Rhein views climate protection as the center of its policy and overlooks where people really have a problem. “For citizens, climate protection means first and foremost redistribution from the bottom up,” said Lambrou.

FDP parliamentary group leader René Rock criticized that Rhein spoke intensely about security “but hardly mentioned the pillars of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.” The fact that the prime minister wants to bring the MAA back to Frankfurt is very good, but it also highlights the conflicts in the ruling coalition. “The black and green slow train is just making its final loop,” said Rock.

Jan Schalauske, chairman of the left-wing faction, identified “a serious social imbalance in Hesse”. To counter this, it is not enough to replace the head of government, but to adopt a different policy. For a wealthy state like Hesse, the poverty level is a scandal. Schalauske called, inter alia, to the package of measures against child and youth poverty and criticized that the statement by the Rhein government did not mention it.

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