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A grocery store in Bindingen has been planned for many years. Now they are specific. Everything that belongs to the Raiffeisenbank project.

“Those who plan well have fewer worries”: This sentence could almost apply to Raiffeisenbank Bidingen’s construction proposal to build a local procurement market. This has now been unveiled at a Bidinger city council meeting at City Hall.

Plans for the food market are met with great interest

Six months ago, the city council and mayor Franz Martin reopened the topic of “food supply in Bidingen” at a meeting at the local gymnasium in Bidingen. At that time, the hall could hardly accommodate all visitors. A long history was also discussed that evening, as this topic has been of concern to the people of Bidinger and the city council for years. Many waved his hand, the market seemed too unprofitable for them. Things started moving in November 2020 when Raiffeisenbank Bidingen wrote to inquire about the sale of the property.

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This is how big the market in Bidingen will be

Now the plan seems sophisticated and well-written enough to convince even the last doubters. The building on the corner of Laichweg / Bernbacher Straße will be rotated 90 degrees to make the most of the property: local grocery store with bakery and butcher on approximately 740 m2 of retail space with 35 parking spaces with drainage system, disabled parking spaces, bicycle charging station, tables outside and much more. Project manager Manfred Burkhart was almost in awe when he presented the plans.

But before that, there were several hurdles to overcome and the municipal council had to resolve two applications for exemptions: an exemption from building across the boundaries of a building and an exemption from the ban on installing photovoltaic installations. After a few questions regarding cash registers, access to bakeries and butchers, service points, entry and exit, delivery options, walking and cycling paths, and relatively minimal lifting of the photovoltaic system, the commission gave the municipality approval. The next decision on the construction application was unanimous.

What has happened so far:

  • November 2020 Written application from Raiffeisenbank Bidingen to buy a property at Laichweg / corner of Bernbacher Straße, east of the recycling center
  • The property (2,700 sq m) was reserved in January 2021 and the possibility of building apartments in the planned building (commercial space) was sought.
  • In March / April 2021, initial contact with the possible operator was established and a meeting with the investor and operator took place
  • In April / May 2021, discussions took place at the Municipal Office on the location, size of the building, parking space, possible later use and the current local supply of bakeries, butchers, fruit and vegetables
  • At the end of May 2021, the city council rejected the application for a beverage shop and gas station by a majority of votes. Instead, a majority of the council voted to postpone to await the then-situation with the bakery
  • In November 2021, the mayor again informed the investor’s plan, the supplier Rewe (Nahkauf), and the schedule (construction start end 2022 / beginning 2023, end in autumn 2023).

New supermarket: what is planned for a double garage

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Another unanimous decision was made in the application for the construction of a new two-car garage with the installation of a second apartment.

When the civil engineering information was released, Martin showed some photos of the village of Steige and the Wiesenweg construction site. The asphalt works on both road structures have been completed and additional changes have taken place in the village of Steige, he said. From the commune road to the county road, the so-called single ones, but the higher costs do not go to the commune. With the help of some conversions, the water that flows out should also be better regulated there.

So that the municipality of Bidingen does not lose any money

Since there have been failures of the photovoltaic system in the gym recently, a failure sensor should be installed there. According to the offer, the price for system monitoring and inverters is 900 euros. The Committee would like to receive a bug report on the largest system in the community in a timely manner so that they can take immediate action. “Otherwise, there is a lot of money that will be lost,” was the opinion of the entire city council, which voted unanimously in favor of the purchase.

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