Lots of celebrities on the red carpet in Fulda

Curtain to “Robin Hood” at Schlosstheater: Chris de Burgh and his family attend the premiere of a new musical.

Christian Schöne performs as King Jan on stage in the palace theater. The premiere of the musical “Robin Hood” took place on Friday.

FULDA – the wait is over – the musical summer in Fulda started on Friday with the premiere of “Robin Hood”. The first performance started in the afternoon and was a great success. The anticipation was also great among the evening guests who couldn’t wait to see the show.

Many guests came from far away for the premiere. But there were also many fans of the musical Fulda at the premiere. For example, Ulrike and Leines Vogler described the song as “great”. “We especially liked that the musical was so lively and that the audience was also involved,” says Leines Vogler. But world star de Burgh also inspired the couple. They, too, had tickets for two years and were happy that the event could now be held. Karin Kapelle came with her husband especially for the musical: “We were very enthusiastic. It was just an exceptional performance. The Göbel family from Limburg was also impressed. Steffi’s mother is first and foremost a huge fan of Chris de Burgh. “The music was great and that was the choreography. We especially liked the second part and the look of de Burgh, ”said the Limburger.

After the first show was over and most of the guests had left, the red carpet had already swarmed for the evening. Sparkling wine in hand, they enjoyed the impatient atmosphere of the newly designed palace theater and took souvenir photos on various photo walls. Among the visitors there were many outstanding faces from the world of politics, film and theater. “We are very happy that we can finally celebrate the premiere on this day,” said the mayor, Dr. Eng. Heiko Wingenfeld, who appeared at the party with his wife. “The musical summer is always the highlight in Fulda and attracts many visitors from near and far. The joy is all the greater for the actors and the city, ”emphasized Wingenfeld. This was also confirmed by Mayor Dag Wehner: “The summer season is in full swing and we are glad that we can now welcome many visitors back to the city.”

Joern Hinkel, the artistic director of the festival in Bad Hersfeld, also took a short break that evening from his own play “Notre Dame”. “It’s great to see the show tonight. I myself am very enthusiastic about Robin Hood’s story. It’s also fun to just sit in the audience and enjoy the show, ”says Hinkel. Another character from film and theater was presented with Valerie Niehaus. “I’m always glad to be here. I’m really looking forward to the musical. Especially Chris de Burgh’s music, ”says the actress.

In addition to numerous other guests, an exceptional guest of honor was expected that evening: Chris de Burgh, who wrote the piece together with the composer Dennis Martin. The world star went with his family to Fulda for the premiere and was greeted with thunderous applause in front of the theater. They and the other guests entered the auditorium and waited impatiently for the door to close and for the show to begin. After all the spectators were seated, the welcome was taken by Peter Scholz, Managing Director of spotlight-musicals. He thanked all the guests of honor, sponsors and partners. – The last two years have been a test for all of us. But we managed and we can celebrate our premiere in the restored palace theater. In the end, normal life returned and I can only say: “cover up” – emphasized Scholz.

After the performance at Maritim, there was a traditional after-show party. A representation of historical material can be viewed at Schlosstheater Fulda until October 16. Musical star Mark Seibert takes the lead role.

Other famous characters include Thomas Hohler (Guy von Gisbour), Christian Schöne (King John), Reinhard Brussmann (William von Loxley), Melanie Gebhard (Abbess von Kirklees), Thomas Christ (Sheriff von Nottingham), Dennis Henschel (Will Scarlett) and André Headicke (Brother Ruck).

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