Schlager games with Andy Borg: broadcast dates, guests, tickets

if Andy Borg invites, then all those who have a rank and a name in the world of hits meet. In his SWR show “A game of Schlager with Andy Borg” the singer guides you through a musical evening in a cozy wine bar. He and his celebrities keep you entertained Guests each time again with folk music, hits and evergreens. On New edition this Program viewers can now turn on June 11, 2022 be happy.

  • When exactly is it coming? next program?
  • is there Repeating?
  • Will a new episode in multimedia library available?
  • who they are Guests?

Dates of broadcast, time of broadcast, media library and tickets – we present an overview of the popular music program with Andy Borg on SWR.

Schlager fun with Andy Borg: SWR broadcast dates and reruns

Saturday night is booked once a month on SWR for an entertaining music evening dedicated to the hits. After the last edition “Schlager’s play with Andy Borg” in May, viewers did not have to wait long for a new episode. Already in Saturday June 11, 2022 goes back to the rustic wine bar. To ordinary air time prime-time 20:15 the show starts in SWR. If there is repeating this program is currently unknown.

These are the next ones the date of issue and their airtime at a glance:

  • Episode 44: June 11, 2022 at 20:15
  • Episode 45: July 2, 2022 at 8:15 pm
  • Episode 46: 8/13/2022 at 20:15

“Schlager fun with Andy Borg”: Stream in the ARD media library

Anyone who misses “Schlager-Fiß mit Andy Borg” on TV has the opportunity to watch the program later. Later charisma on TV is the previous program on ARD media library for a month than streaming available.

“Schlager’s game with Andy Borg”: Here are the guests on June 11, 2022.

Who is in the new issue in April? You can find out which ones here Guests Andy Borg welcomed at Weinstube on June 11, 2022:

  • Marek Dziekan brings momentum to the German world of Schlager: The singer is known for combining modern hits with classic elements of rock’n’roll.
  • Captain Freddie: The musician is known for his numerous appearances on television and is not the first guest of Andy Borg. Last year he celebrated his golden stage anniversary.
  • Mara Kayser: The singer is known and popular both in hits and in folk music. Her new single “Make the best of it” was released at the end of May.
  • Black Forest family: The Black Forest ensemble has been creating folk music in various formations since 1949 and creating a good atmosphere.
  • Zillertal Haderragen: The Austrian music group has been able to play with folk music for many years far beyond the borders of the country.
  • Anna Carina Woitschack: The singer first became known to the general public thanks to the talent show “DSDS”. It matters today Wife Stefan Mross to the big names of the German world of Schlager.
  • Stefan Mross is a true all-rounder in the German Schlager world. He is not only a singer and trumpeter, but also a successful TV presenter. Until the next television appearance by Stephen Mross Schlager fans don’t have to wait long. His show starts on June 12, 2022 “Always on Sundays” in the new season. All information about the broadcast can be found here.

Schlager fun with Andy Borg: How’s the show going?

Listening to music, having a fun evening together, talking and remembering: that’s what popularity promises Program “Schlager’s game with Andy Borg” month after month. The scenery of the show is cozy wine bar. There, the moderator and pop star Andy Borg welcomes various guests. this Viewers don’t just get everyone current song musicians, but also many old people and Classic.

All information about the Sunday ZDF show

“Schlager-Fun mit Andy Borg”: Tickets

Again SWR informed, current broadcasts and recordings are usually deprived of due to coronavirus protection laws the audience in the studio instead. So when is it again? tickets currently not known.

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