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VoloConnect increases the sales potential of the Volocopter to over 270 billion euros in 2035.

Emission-free flight operations for up to four people at a flight speed of 250 km / h and a range of> 100 km thanks to the Lift + Cruise design

BENTONVILLE, Arkansas and BRUCHSAL, Germany, June 7, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Volocopter, pioneer of Urban Air Mobility (AMU), today announced another milestone on the way to making AMU a reality during the annual UP. Summit: VoloConnect, electric passenger air taxi with wings, successfully completed its maiden flight in May 2022. This makes Volocopter the world’s only manufacturer of electric vertical take-off vehicles (eVTOL) with a fleet of aircraft of various configurations during the test flight phase.

VoloConnect is the third Volocopter aircraft and complements the previous family of Volocopter aircraft with a range of over 100 km and a flight speed of over 250 km / h. Greater range and greater load capacity VoloConnect opens up a market segment for the UAM pioneer, from the city to the suburbs and beyond. Along with the VoloCity, which is intended for downtown areas, the Volocopter can operate on a wide variety of flight routes. The commercial launch of VoloConnect is scheduled for 2026, and VoloCity for 2024.

Having an entire family of electric planes in the test flight phase is a pioneering achievement, ”he says Florian Reutergeneral manager by Volocopter. Leadership in the Volocopter industry is based on announcing plans and then implementing them as part of public test flights. Our technology platform is at the heart of the development of our flying devices and has shown that it can deliver results at blistering speed. Volocopter brings these innovative designs from the ground to the air and then to cities around the world! “

The dedicated Munich team under the leadership is responsible for this success Sebastian Mores, Chief Engineer of VoloConnectthat brought the VoloConnect prototype to life. This is a turning point for us, when VoloConnect rises to the skies, marks one of our key milestones and shows what we achieve in a short time and in line with the company’s overall strategy for the development of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles are capable of. In addition, new technologies are currently being tested and will be gradually implemented as the program develops Manners.

VoloConnect and other Volocopter VTOL planes are developed in accordance with the highest flight safety standards of EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency). The prototype completed its maiden flight in May 2022 after just 17 months of development work and performed various maneuvers for 2 minutes and 14 seconds during its maiden flight. The current prototype has all the aerodynamic and performance parameters planned for a commercial product.

Thanks to the Lift + Cruise design, the VoloConnect is suitable for routes outside urban areas. The six rotors enable vertical flight during take-off and landing, and the two motors and wings make forward flight particularly efficient. The VoloConnect prototype is currently undergoing a series of demanding flight tests to ensure that the aircraft and its systems meet the performance limits and are ready for further development steps. This phase includes a variety of tests, including standardized low speed, transient and rapid tests for automated and subsequent autonomous flights, as well as engine failure tests, all standardized tests for eVTOL aircraft manufacturers for passenger operations. During the test flights of this campaign, the team achieved a significant proportion of the Flight Envelope Verification with forward speeds of up to 65 km / h and a lateral speed of 45 km / h. The flight envelope limit will be expanded as part of the flight test program in the coming weeks.

With VoloConnect, Volocopter significantly expands its overall target market, which already includes VoloDrone and VoloCity. The technology of the two airliners (VoloCity and VoloConnect) differs significantly in terms of the unique configuration of the configuration for each flight mission. While the VoloCity multicopter flying taxi is intended for downtown use, the design of its larger sibling model, based on the Lift + Cruise principle, is geared towards longer operations from town to suburbs and beyond.

For future services, Volocopter intends to fully integrate all three planes into AMU’s tailored urban ecosystems, consolidating all aviation operations, maintenance and passenger services on its VoloIQ digital platform.

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Volocopter is building the world’s first sustainable and scalable urban air transport company to provide affordable air taxi services in global megacities. Volocopter works with leading partners in air traffic infrastructure, operations and control (ATM) to build an entire ecosystem around air taxis. Volocopter has raised a total of over 495 million capital from investors such as Geely, WP Investment, Mercedes-Benz Group, DB Schenker, BlackRock and others.

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