These 5 tips make printing cool again

Printers are the most unjustly hated technology of today. Here are some tips and tricks to make printing a pleasure finally again.

Paper jams, ink, error messages… Print shops often seem to be sowing their own karma, especially when their invaluable services are most needed. That being said, printing can also be wonderfully simple if you know how to properly use your machine and what tools can help. In this article, you’ll find five practical tips.

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Uninstall bloatware vendor software

In the past, you had to install a software package from the manufacturer to get the printer running. Fortunately, it has become much easier today and in that sense is no longer needed.



navigate to

Settings> Devices> Printers and scanners

and select “Add Printer or Scanner”. The system should now automatically detect all Wi-Fi printers on the network and install only the necessary drivers. For example, you can download the free Windows Scan application from Microsoft or use the open source NAPS2 program for scanning.


Mac users

go to

System Preferences> Printers & Scanners

and press the plus symbol. Select your Wi-Fi printer from the list and wait for Apple to set it up. Double-clicking on the printer will open the print menu, which also has a scan icon in the upper right corner. If you want faster access in the future, just drag the printer icon to the Dock.

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Optimize web pages for printing

Printing web pages can be a real test of patience, especially if you only want to view a specific area. Solution: PrintFriendly, a free web tool that you can use to edit any webpage before printing. To do this, simply copy the desired url and paste it into the web tool. PrintFriendly then creates a plain text version with no sidebars, links, or other distractions. You can also resize the text or remove images and unwanted text blocks. Finally, send the result to the print menu with one click.

We recommend the tool to anyone who wants it even easier and faster


. This is the browser bookmarklet you get from this website. Drag the bookmarklet to the bookmarks bar and activate it with a mouse click when you are on the page you want to edit. Then you can edit them directly and optimize for printing.

Printliminator is a browser bookmarklet for optimizing web printing.


Printliminator is a browser bookmarklet for optimizing web printing.

Printing using a mobile application

Printing support for mobile devices has quietly made its way to both iOS and Android. First, download the appropriate app from the printer manufacturer, or check if the printing app is already pre-installed on your device.

To print, you must then send the relevant document to the app using the “Share” button, which automatically lists each printer on the same Wi-Fi network. In addition to the print preview, you have a choice of more or less versatile setting options (in some applications you can even choose the print quality and paper type).

Don’t forget about your paper settings

You will get better results when printing photos if the printer knows you are using photo paper. Therefore, always make sure you have the correct paper settings before starting a print job.



locate the setting in the print menu. Then select “Print via System Dialog”, click “Settings”, and then use the “Media Type” drop-down menu.

on one


usually you have to click “Show Details” in the print menu and then click the drop-down menu with the name of the application you are currently using. You should also see a “Media Type” option there.

Prevent damage to the stand

Finally, a hint that you can do something good for your printer. You may already be familiar with this problem: If the inkjet printer is left unused for a long time, there is a risk of clogging of the cartridges due to the drying out of the nozzles. Therefore, print a color image every few weeks to reduce the risk of damaging the drag. This not only keeps your printer in good condition, it also calms your nerves when you need it at some point.

The article is based on the English original by our colleagues from PC-World and has been translated into German a bit more freely.

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