A club that does more than just wander – Stühlingen

The Black Forest Association is intensively preparing for the exhibition “Räderwerk – About work and play in the Wutachtal”.

. The Schwarzwaldverein Stühlingen is very well positioned in its 134th year. Together with the district forester of Stühlinger, Michael Eisele, a new head of roads could be elected at the general meeting, 21 honors were awarded, including for the president, Veronica Keller. The exhibition “Räderwerk – About work and play in the Wutachtal” takes place from 17 June to 3 July, the association takes part in the two-day Städtlefest Stühlingen on 16 and 17 July.

Mayor Joachim Burger praised the work of the “great, great association”, with small monuments, in nature conservation, for culture and many years of cooperation with the primary school in Weizen, but also with other schools: Schür and Schürgarten beautify the city, the Black Forest Association ensures that the infrastructure in the form of paths and signage enables tourists to go on foot.

Life was bustling at the Schür exhibition in 2021, CEO Jutta Binner-Schwarz announced: “Despite the Corona, we hit the jackpot with our ‘Tailoring, Dresses and Stories’ exhibition. She was very pleased with the interest of Susanna Heim, head of the county cultural office and her team, as well as the visit of the cultural director of the main association, Edgar Baßler.

The crown pandemic did not make it easier to organize the events of 2021. Nevertheless, a lot could be achieved, President Veronika Keller reported on the four beautiful hiking days on the Kaiserstuhl, the hiking day and the newly introduced senior trek. “The hike to the orchids on Lindenberg with Martin Junginger was a hit,” she said, pleased with the very strong demand. The regular after-work and Wednesday treks, each with an average of eleven participants, as well as eight Sunday treks with 64 participants, were also very popular. There were also school and exhibition tours, a total of 34 hikes over 360 km with 358 participants, six hikes were made in Switzerland. Even after a pandemic, pre-registration is required, simplifying the organization.

According to Jutta Binner-Schwarz, the contact with all Stühlinger schools is satisfactory. In 2021, the exhibition was visited by 13 school classes and a common room. The collaboration with the primary school in Weizen is going very well, part of the three-year theme “City, Country, River” had to be digital because of the crown. During lessons and educational excursions, the children got to know the historical handicraft of the city of Stühlingen. The theme “country” is now on the agenda, various farms were visited including the Zengel Organic Farm, Kaiser Poultry Farm and Lindenhof Lausheim. Support for the management of the group of children and the family is still being sought.

Schür and the garden
President Antonia Kramer-Diem was pleased with the enthusiastic guests at Schürgarten. She asked for helpers for the exhibition and the Städtlefest: “Everyone who bakes a cake only once or who supervises the exhibition for three hours is important.”

Maintenance and home care
In the absence of nature ranger Martin Junginger, Reiner Gysel reported on the erection and dismantling of signs on the Lindenberg nature trail, on the conservation of biotopes in Bettmaringen and Grimmelshofen, on two main operations after the Lindenberg 600 felling, trees were planted.

The Schwarzwald Stühlingen association has almost 600 members from Stühlingen, the region and Switzerland. In addition to hiking, nature conservation and the maintenance of the trail network and signage, the team takes care of the Schürgarten based on historical models. A popular meeting place is also the club’s Schür am Stadtgraben. Since 1993, it has held annually exhibitions for Polish audiences, including thematic events related to home, art and history. As co-chairmen of Jutta Binner-Schwarz (since 2008), Antonia Kramer-Diem (since 2008) and Veronika Keller (since 2017) lead the Black Forest Association in Stühlingen.

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