Author: innentheatertage are starting their 25th edition in Berlin

Three world premieres, great guest appearances, lectures, lectures and concerts: Author: innentheatertage 2022 offers it all from 8 to 18 June.

  • this Author: innentheatertagethe festival of contemporary drama begins today German theater in Berlin.
  • This is Anniversary Edition in 1992 by the then director Ulrich Kuon established festivals.
  • From 8 to 18 June, performances will be shown on all stages of the Deutsches Theater premieres, Guest appearances and diverse accompanying program.

Here is: Zum 25th time found at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin Author: innentheatertage a festival of contemporary drama takes place. It begins on June 8 with a speech by the playwright Ferdinand Schmalz, who together with actress Julischka Eichel and musician and theater director Christiane Rösinger also sit on the jury of this year’s competition. Three of Fach has selected three drama texts from over 200 applications that will be used at the end Author: innentheatertage will be premiered jointly by Deutsches Theater, Schauspiel Leipzig and Schauspielhaus Graz on June 18 during the “Long Night of Authors”. The authors of Raphael Bardutzky, Paula Thielecke and Alexander Stutz, drew a big ticket this year and submitted the winning texts.

Tickets for world premieres and guest appearances (see below) are available here.

Scenes from “Land of Death” Photo: Thomas Rabsch

Author: innentheatertage: Guest performances, readings, concerts and DJs

After there were no guest appearances in 2020 and 2021, things are even better this year. Ten invited songs can be watched for the “Long Night of Authors”. Here is an overview:

Rainald Goetz
kingdom of death
Directed by: Stefan Bachmann (Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus and Schauspiel Köln)
Wednesday 8 + Thursday 9 June, Deutsches Theater

Sivan Ben Yishai
Wounds are eternal (Self-portrait as a national poet)
Director: Marie Bues (Mannheim National Theater and Rampe Stuttgart Theater)
Wed 8 + Thursday 9 June, Kammerspiele

Milena Michałek & Ensemble
Coral coral
Directed by: Milena Michalek (Kosmos Theater Vienna)
Thu 9 + Fri June 10, Box

Caren Jess
Eleos. Outrage in 36 miniatures
Director: Daniel Foerster (Schauspielhaus Graz)
Friday June 10, Kammerspiele (as video stream)

Elfriede Jelinek
Noise. Blind vision. Blind vision!
Director: Frank Castorf (Burgtheater Vienna)
Sat 11 + Sun June 12, Deutsches Theater

Teresa Doppler
Monte Rosa
Director: Matthias Rippert (State Theater in Hanover)
Saturday 11 + Sunday 12 June, Kammerspiele

Park in Bonn
Heartbreakers (read our interview with costume designer Laura Kirst here)
Director: Bonn Park (Deutsches SchauSpielHaus Hamburg)
Tue 14 + Wed 15 June, Kammerspiele

Thomas Koeck
Your palaces are empty (all we ever wanted)
Director: Jan-Christoph Gockel (Munich Chamber Games)
Wed 15 + Thu June 16, Deutsches Theater

Fritz Kater
milk forest
Director: Armin Petras (Bremen Theater)
Thursday, June 16, Kammerspiele

Author: innentheatertage 2022
A scene from “Noise. Blind vision. blind eyes! ” Photo: C Horn

There are also presentations and continuations of lectures, lectures, concerts and DJ performances in the courtyard and in the festival bar. It’s really exciting Author: interior showrooms: Here, visitors can get to know the festival’s creators who, after the performances of their plays, talk about their plays and writing.

Sivan Ben Yishai – Wednesday June 8, auditorium, after the performance “Wounds Are Forever”
Rainald Goetz – Thursday, June 9, auditorium, after the performance of “Realm of Death”
Milena Michalek – Fri. June 10, Box, after the performance of “Koralli Korallo”
Caren Jess – Friday, June 10, auditorium, after the performance of “Eleos. Outrage in 36 miniatures “
Theresa Dopler – Sat 11 June, room, after the performance of “Monte Rosa”
Bonn Park – Tuesday, June 14, auditorium, after the performance of “Zbójcy hearts”
Thomas Köck – Wednesday June 15, auditorium, after the performance “Your palaces are empty (everything we ever wanted)”
Fritz Kater – Thursday, June 16, auditorium, after the play “Milchwald”

Author: innentheatertage 2022
Scene from “Heart Thieves” Photo: Thomas Aurin

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