Buying concert tickets online: Make sure you pay attention to it!

The concert and festival season is slowly but surely starting all over again. If you feel like returning live after a long period of drought, or if you’re not yet ready for the crowds, we’ll explain what to consider when buying and selling concert tickets online.

There are many online platforms where you can buy concert tickets. It is important to distinguish between official ticket vendors, third party and private providers.

Here you should buy concert tickets online

If you want to order tickets for a concert, festival or other event, you should first go directly to the property page. Especially many smaller locations sell their tickets directly and not through large platforms such as Eventim. This way you save on the one hand as early booking fees are usually lower. On the other hand you help the premiseswho also have to pay lower fees to other direct selling platforms. Tickets can also be purchased with a clear conscience at the box office on site. Here, traders can often advise on the choice of location. In addition, you save yourself an often very expensive shipping fee.

However, especially at large events, it is inevitable that Eventim, Ticketmaster and Co. are coming back must. Large platforms often provide pre-sale rights so that you can, for example, access a certain quota of tickets in advance. Reputable ticket sellers include:

Now you can buy tickets to many events even earlier if you use PayPal, sign up for a Samsung account or have a “Telekom Magenta” contract. For these providers, there is usually a service fee in addition to the ticket price, but you can be sure that you will actually get the correct tickets.

Buying concert tickets online: here you need to be careful

Be careful when searching for concert tickets on Googlet. Top positions are often advertisements, that is, reserved positions. Here you will find providers like Viagogo.

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This is not an official selling platform, but one exchange of tickets. Many users report that they did not receive any tickets after ordering, or that the names on their personalized tickets did not change, which caused entry problems. Usually tickets are also on these exchanges much more expensive than the normal price. Viagogo and company add additional handling fees to the ticket price. Even big bands such as Die Ęrzte or Rammstein strongly advise against buying tickets from such suppliers. Similar providers to Viagogo include Tixwaves, Ticket Rocket, and Ticketbande.

In a Google search for “Die Ęrzte” tickets, Viagogo appears in the first place, in front of the official “Bademeister” medical ticket shop. The sign “Display” means that the seat has been paid (Image credit: Google, June 8)

Buy concert tickets privately on eBay, eBay classifieds and Co

Another pitfall when buying tickets is lurking on Facebook. At least one meeting is created for almost every event on the social platform. Here, for example, you can see who else is attending the event and exchange ideas with other fans. However, the discussion feature is often taken over by English-speaking accounts that repeatedly offer tickets for sale even when events are sold out.

Facebook tickets
If only English-speaking Facebook accounts want to sell tickets to an event in Germany, be careful (Image source: Facebook)

Even if you want to attend a fully booked event, you should stay away from such offers. We promise that you will receive your tickets in digital form for printing after paying by PayPal. But once you’ve paid it is in many cases, money disappears and contact is lost.

If you are looking for concert tickets on eBay, eBay classifieds and companies, you may be successful in finding what you are looking for, but here, too, you need to be extra vigilant:

  • Basically, you should check them out View seller ratings. If someone is selling expensive tickets, but only has single-digit ratings, or their account has just been created, don’t do it.
  • You should make sure with reputable accounts that the barcode of the ticket is not visible in the photo. Tickets will be scanned at the entrance. A clever user can simply print a photo of the ticket and get free admission. After the code is scanned, the associated card is invalid and no longer allows entry. If you want to sell tickets yourself, make sure the barcode is not visible.
  • Also be careful if the exact location and row are shown in the photo or description. Some providers exclude the resale of tickets. Tickets may contain this information be blocked.
  • When purchasing privately, please also note that many tickets can be returned online after postponement due to the crown. The original buyer has sometimes received a refund in such a way that without having to return a paper ticket. At worst, you will receive a card that has already been canceled.
Buy tickets at Eventim

Even if you still want tickets for a sold out event: Basically, you should also avoid paying the much higher price for the cardn than it originally cost. Ultimately, all honest fans suffer from the black market. However, since scammers see that tickets can be easily used to make money, many of the coveted tickets do not go to fans who want to go to the event, but into the hands of those who want to get rich with others.

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