City, country, fun: five small crossovers for all needs

City, village, fun
Five small crossovers for all needs

SUVs come in all sizes. But especially in the city, big pieces aren’t fun. Especially small crossovers perform well in urban areas. But small SUVs can now be moved easily overland, as five examples will show.

The SUV range is becoming more and more diverse. Even in small classes, there has long been a confusing number of crossovers, mini all-terrain vehicles, and city speedsters on an incline. Some stand out from the crowd – five examples.

Toyota Aygo X – tiny

The Toyota Aygo X exudes an off-road atmosphere.

(Photo: Toyota)

Without the “X” in the name, Aygo was a conventionally embroidered micro car at a low price until last year. In the new edition, the Japanese want to offer more than just basic mobility, which is why they appear as a chic urban crossover with a lifestyle slogan. Sturdy attachments and increased ground clearance provide a bit of off-road atmosphere, a relatively large boot, and a lively and undemanding 72hp three-cylinder gasoline engine, when thirsty for fuel means practical possibilities. Unlike the rest of the brand’s models, there is no hybrid drive. Nevertheless, the four-seater with a starting price of 15,900 euros has long outgrown the traditional small car segment.

Dacia Spring – zero emission


At a top speed of 125 km / h, the Dacia Spring is no fun on the highway, even as an electric car.

(Photo: Dacia)

Each Dacia is named “cheapest car in its segment”. This also applies to the spring, which at 20,940 euros is a hit with German e-cars. If you are still deducting the environmental bonus, it is just over 10,000 euros – nowhere else is a normal internal combustion engine. In return, however, the customer has to make concessions: not so much in terms of range, which is quite suitable for a city car at 230 kilometers, but in terms of atmosphere, space and performance. The four-seater can reach a maximum speed of 125 km / h, which does not necessarily make driving on German highways a pleasure. In addition, the private charging option is recommended as it is almost impossible to spend up to 14 hours charging in the public column.

Hyundai Bayon – eye-catcher


The open question is whether anyone likes Hyundai Bayon. In any case, the Korean is visually present.

(Photo: Hyundai)

As the Koreans have abandoned the crossover variant of the previous generation in the new edition of the i20 small car, the brand has a place again in the range of SUVs. From 2021, it is filled with a 4.18 m long Bayon, which is visually much more visible than its quasi-predecessor, which is mostly solid boarded. The new one is more of a raised lifestyle than an imitation of an all-terrain vehicle, creating a stir thanks to the modern design of its double headlamps. With prices starting at € 17,090, the five-seater is still one of the cheaper SUVs on the German market. In terms of propulsion, the range ranges from a rather sluggish 1.2-liter 84hp gasoline engine to a lively 1.0-liter mild hybrid with 120hp.

Jeep Renegade – off-road vehicle


Not every Jeep Renegade goes out of the way.

(Photo: Jeep)

Among all the fashionable SUVs, there are still a few serviceable SUVs. Especially the Jeep Stellantis brand likes to emphasize the off-road capabilities of its models – even in the smallest class. In fact, the Renegade easily outperforms most of its off-road competitors. As a rule, they cannot even invent all-wheel drive, the Renegade in the particularly off-road “Trailhawk” variant even offers downshifts and bumpers with an extremely large angle of attack. As the raw and fluid equipment package is only available in conjunction with the top engine, the 240 hp plug-in hybrid drive, the off-road crossover costs a whopping 45,200 euros.

Suzuki Ignis – a pioneer


At 3.70 meters, the Suzuki Ignis is known as a micro-SUV.

(Photo: Suzuki)

After the wave of SUVs moved from the luxury class to the compact and small car models, the next logical step was to flood the segment below as well. At least that was the idea that Suzuki pursued at Ignis, which in 2016 created the still young class of micro-SUVs. The 3.70-meter-short five-door car does quite well thanks to the all-wheel drive option, while its sharp dimensions and fuel-efficient 90hp four-cylinder gasoline engine give it advantages in the city. With prices starting at 16,410 euros, it is also one of the most affordable crossovers.

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