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Coal, nuclear power and natural gas supplied more than half of Germany’s electricity earlier this year – but renewable energy is growing.

Wiesbaden / Berlin.

Coal is still the most important energy source in Germany for electricity production, but the share of renewable energy has increased recently.

According to the calculations of the Federal Statistical Office, more than half (52.9%) of the total electricity generated, 143.8 billion kilowatt hours, came from conventional energy sources such as coal, natural gas and nuclear energy in the first quarter of 2022. According to Wiesbaden authorities, the share of renewable energy such as wind energy, photovoltaics and biogas on Wednesday was 47.1%.

Renewable energy grows by 21 percent

While the amount of electricity supplied from conventional sources decreased by 8 percent. compared to the same period last year, in the case of renewable energy, it increased by 21 percent.

The most important source of energy in the first three months of this year was coal with a 31.5% share in the total amount of electricity. The amount of coal-fired energy in German networks increased by 12.5% ​​compared to the same quarter last year.

Wind and sun play an important role

Wind energy, the second most important source of energy, contributed 30.1 percent to electricity production in Germany in the first quarter. The fact that the amount of wind energy increased by 28.8%. during the year, mainly due to the fact that the first quarter of 2021 was relatively windless, explain the statisticians. Solar electricity was second among RES (6.3%) (last year: 4.7%).

According to a spokesman, the RES share of 47.1 percent is the second highest in the first quarter since the Federal Office started collecting statistics in 2018. It was only higher in early 2020 at 51.4 percent. Renewable energy sources had the highest share in all quarters in the second quarter of 2020, amounting to 52.8%.

Federal association calls for acceleration of expansion

“The high share of renewable energies in the electricity supply shows a positive development,” said Kerstin Andreae, head of the Federal Association for Energy and Water Management. Nevertheless, “much more speed is needed in the expansion of wind and solar energy, which has been slow for years”.

The German Association of the Solar Industry has labeled the further outlook for solar energy as “solar” based on the data. In 2021, about every tenth kilowatt hour came from photovoltaic systems. “If the federal government implements its plans to actually release solar technology, it could be almost every third kilowatt hour in ten years,” said BSW CEO Carsten Körnig.

Renewable energies are of great importance

The Federal Association for Renewable Energies was also pleased. “Data from the Federal Statistical Office shows once again that you can rely on renewable energy,” said BEE president Simone Peter. Renewable energy sources not only protect the climate, but are also “a guarantee of a safe and cheap electricity supply in Germany” even in times of crisis. (dpa)

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