Corona: England puts an end to all measures related to the crown

The number of corona discharges is almost as great as in the second wave peak. Nevertheless, England is completing all coronation measurements as of today.

Despite the dramatic spike in infections, nearly all krone measures were lifted in England on Monday. Neither the wearing of masks, nor the distance rules, nor the limitation on the number of events are currently compulsory in most parts of the UK.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson it’s people taking responsibility. But experts warn the situation could get out of hand despite high vaccination rates. More than 50,000 cases are registered every day – almost as many as at the peak of the second wave at the turn of the year.

Trade unions and business associations have in the meantime been in favor of maintaining the obligation to wear masks while abolishing the obligation to isolate vaccinated contacts. There are already bottlenecks in many sectors, especially in transport companies, as many employees are in self-isolation. The head of the RMT (The Rail, Maritime and Transport Union) transport union, Mick Lynch, warned that the opening day, often hailed as “Freedom Day”, could otherwise become “Chaos Day”.

Johnson is currently in self-isolation

Moreover, the head of government did not set the best example over the weekend. After Health Minister Sajid Javid announced on Saturday that he had contracted Covid-19 despite being vaccinated twice, Johnson and his Finance Minister Rishi Sunak initially wanted to avoid the self-isolation that was actually required for contacts. They are both on a pilot project that instead foresees daily testing, he said Sunday morning.

Less than three hours later, after a nationwide outcry – after all, hundreds of thousands of Britons are now sitting at home due to pleas for self-isolation – the government backed off. Johnson was said to be isolating himself at his country estate in Checkers.

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From there, Johnson addressed his compatriots in a video message. Johnson said he “briefly considered” participating in the pilotage. “But I think it is much more important that everyone follows the same rules and therefore I will isolate myself until July 26,” continued the conservative politician.

Experts doubt that the protection provided by vaccines is sufficient

Johnson was confident that the country’s high vaccination rate would provide adequate protection from the pandemic without further measures. 88 percent of UK adults have already had their first immunization. Almost 68 percent were already vaccinated twice. “The massive immunization program has significantly weakened the link between infection and hospitalization, and between infection and serious illness and death,” Johnson said.

But experts doubt that the protection provided by vaccinations will be sufficient to withstand the massive wave of infection. According to epidemiologist Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, it is “almost inevitable” that the number of new infections per day will soon exceed 100,000. “The real question is whether this will double that or more,” Ferguson told the BBC on Sunday. He warned that in the worst case, if the number of hospital admissions reached 2,000 or 3,000 a day, measures would have to be taken to bring the pandemic back under control.

Johnson really wants to prevent this. He always described his country’s way out of a blockade as “cautious but irreversible.” “Please, please be careful,” pleaded the British. It is doubtful whether he will be able to convince this yet.

The relaxation only applies to the largest part of England that does not have a government of its own. The regional governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are responsible for their own health policy. (dpa)

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