Creatively illuminate math, computer science and physics – new fellows at MIP.labor

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Creatively illuminate math, computer science and physics

Three new scholarship holders at MIP.labor,
scientific journalism workshops at Freie Universität Berlin / financed by the Klaus Tschir Foundation

Berlin / Heidelberg. Three new fellows start MIP.labor, a new ideas workshop for science journalism at the Freie Universität Berlin. As part of their scholarships, they want to develop creative formats to bring exciting and under-represented topics in mathematics, computer science and physics to especially young target groups. Each scholarship holder has up to twelve months to do so, is in close contact with selected scientists and is supported by the multi-professional team of MIPlab. MIP.labor is funded by the Klaus Tschir Foundation.

The origin of the new fellows is as different as the projects in MIP.labor. Bernadette Lessel would like to shed light on the confusion associated with theory making in modern physics – such as string theory and quantum gravity. Marlene Knoche’s project is also historical: the illustrator plans an adventure computer game in which mathematical legends meet in a large hotel. Jan-Hendrik Müller, who graduated a few months ago with a specialization in medical physics, would like to illustrate the processes of medical imaging. – I see it as a unique opportunity to supplement specialist knowledge with practical skills in the field of science journalism – emphasizes Bernadette Lessel. “MIP.labor offers a unique environment to share my fascination with difficult topics and make them exciting for a wide audience.”

New to this round of awards is that scholarships have also been awarded to people with no journalistic experience, including researchers and artists. Each Fellow is supported by a journalism mentor in choosing a career path. “In addition to established media professionals, we would also like to offer people who see their science experience more the opportunity to start science journalism. This stimulates media coverage of the subjects of math, computer science and physics, ”says MIP.labor project manager, Dr. Anna Maria Hartkopf.

The ultimate goal in the experimental lab is to try new things. “Thanks to MIP.labor, we would like to give scholarship holders who think in journalism the freedom to make the topics of mathematics, computer science and physics fruitful in public discourse in a new way,” says Prof. dr hab. Carsten Könneker, managing director of the Klaus Tschir Foundation. The Fellows can approach the unknown, try out seemingly crazy ideas, and sometimes reject the approach. Like scientists when they work in a laboratory.

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MIP.labor is an idea workshop for science journalism in mathematics, computer science and physics. Both experienced and emerging media professionals who wish to illuminate the topics of these sciences in a journalistic way and develop new formats for young audiences are supported by an attractive scholarship program – for reflective participation in society and a more differentiated presentation of the scientific world. MIP.labor is based at the Free University of Berlin and is funded by the Klaus Tschir Foundation. More information at:

The Klaus Tschir Foundation (KTS) promotes the natural sciences, mathematics and computer science and wishes to contribute to the appreciation of these subjects. It was founded in 1995 by the physicist and co-founder of SAP Klaus Tschira (1940-2015) from private funds. Its three funding priorities are: education, research and science communication. The nationwide involvement starts in kindergarten and continues in schools, universities and research institutions. The Foundation engages in dialogue between science and society.

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