Fun at work at MANDU

LINZ. “Do what you like” is the motto of MANDU personal trainers, the leader in the Austrian EMS market. There are many reasons why it is fun to become a MANDU Personal Trainer.

Fitness, working with people, customer contact, innovative training and fair payment: it doesn’t get any better. The personal trainers from MANDU enjoy this fun and pleasant working atmosphere because they do what they like. The area of ​​activity of the MANDU trainer is primarily personal coaching of the members. It is about holistic advice where the focus is always on the person. A personal trainer is a health expert and works with people to become or remain fit and essential into old age.

EMS is the hottest fitness trend

Austrian leader in the EMS market, MANDU, is the perfect combination of the latest EMS training (muscle electrostimulation) and individual personal coaching. The innovative EMS technology has been successfully used for many years in sports medicine and physiotherapy and is one of the most effective training programs in the world. At MANDU, the client achieves his personal training goals in just 15 minutes once a week, in line with the motto “minimum time, maximum effect”. The current not only superficially stimulates the body, but also deeply. And thanks to InBody’s precise weights, muscle building progress is measured with each training session, and training is individually adjusted.

Internal training in “Puls Fitness”

When training its coaches, premium coaches and franchisees, MANDU relies on a two-stage training and further education program that is both hands-on and online. The e-learning platform of the own educational academy “Campus one life” was designed and implemented in cooperation with the e-learning expert “Wirtschaftsimpulse”. In the future, every new member of the MANDU family will be able to adapt to MANDU anytime and anywhere, flexibly and digitally using e-learning. In the first stage, the fitness content for personal coaching is transferred via e-learning, in the second stage, what we have learned is applied and deepened in practice. After completing the training, participants have specialist knowledge of EMS devices and the InBody scale (whole body analysis) and a deep understanding of the operation of the technologies and training methods used. Best of all, MANDU stands for Lifelong Learning and offers continuous training and further education opportunities.

A motivated and committed team

The MANDU family, made up of franchisees, personal and premium trainers and back office, is a motivated and committed team and also organized in a cooperative association. It makes you strong and cooperative together. This affiliate model is new to the fitness industry and offers its franchisees the first standalone franchise system in the fitness industry. The franchisee is not only his own boss, but also has a stake in the franchisor.

Austrian market leader in EMS

Since opening its flagship store in Linz’s old town in 2012, the franchise has operated 50 stores in five countries, including Austria and the US. Especially in Austria, MANDU has advanced to become the Austrian market leader for EMS with its franchise concept. The three Linz stores on blossomstrasse (Linz Urfahr), in the old town (Linz Mitte) and on Darrgutstrasse (Linz South) are particularly popular, both with customers and with personal coaches: modern, well-kept stores in a great location where you can strengthen your muscles in living room atmosphere in 15 minutes once a week.

MANDU is looking for personal trainers

Anyone who is communicative and looking for new challenges and loves sports and fitness should do what they like and become a MANDU Personal Trainer. More information at

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