Good Against the North Wind Ending: what does the ending mean?

In the film adaptation of Daniel Glattauer’s novel, a simple typo leads to an email romance. We explain to you the ending of “Good Against the North Wind”.

Director Vanessa Jopp (“engel + joe”) filmed an e-mail romance between Emmi Rothner and Leo Leike in “Gut gegen Nordwind” based on the popular book of the same name. The actress “Tatort” Nora Tschirner and Alexander Fehling (“The Captain”) shine in the lead roles. Especially loyal fans of the bestseller have long been waiting for a film adaptation. But those familiar with the novel may be surprised that Emmi and Leo’s story ends in a very different way in the movie than in the book. We explain what the book is different from the movie and how to understand the film ending “Gut gegen Nordwind”.

++ Warning: “Good Northwind” spoilers are coming! ++

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“Good Against the North Wind”: The plot of the film

Actually, Emmi Rothner (Nora Tschirner) just wanted to cancel her newspaper subscription. But due to a typo, her email ends up in the inbox of linguist Leo Leike (Alexander Fehling). He points out her mistake and surprises Emmi with what he can deduce from her email. This is how the intense writing friendship between Emmi and Leo begins. Email by email, they both get closer to each other and even develop feelings for each other over time.

Problem: neither of them are single. Leo is still attached to his ex-girlfriend Marlene (Claudia Eisinger) and Emmi is married to Bernhard (Ulrich Thomsen). An affair between them seems impossible at first. But Leo and Emmi quickly realize that in their everyday lives they are thinking about each other more and more often and they miss something more than just contact by e-mail. However, the two avoided meeting in person for a long time. When they finally plan to meet in real life, the plan is thwarted by Emmi’s husband.

“Good Against the North Wind”: This happens at the end of the movie

As in the book, Emmi’s husband Bernhard learns about his wife’s e-mail contacts, so the planned meeting between Emmi and Leo does not take place, and Leo finally wants to start a new life in Boston. While the movie adaptation is otherwise quite close to the book template, by the end of the movie, the movie differs significantly from the original.

At the end of the film, Bernhard says goodbye to his wife with the words “Have fun Emmi”, although he usually calls her “Emma”. Emmi realizes that Bernhard knows what is happening and is missing the appointment with Leo. She later writes an email to him, but the only response he receives is an auto-generated email stating that this email address no longer exists and messages for him will be deleted. Fearing losing Leo forever, he drives to Leo’s apartment and rushes over just as Leo is about to take a taxi to the airport. Their eyes meet and the movie ends.

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The Good Against the North Wind ending versus the novel ending

In the novel, the story of Emmi and Leo ends much more radically and bitterly. Because there is no real encounter between the two characters in the book. Instead, Leo just changes his email address. When Emmi wants to virtually apologize for not coming to the meeting, she only receives an automatically generated reply from the email client. A love story with a happy ending for Emmi and Leo seems hopeless in the book.

This marks the end of the movie “Gut gegen Nordwind”

In the film, the last scene leaves room for interpretation. The open end is shown here, suggesting a possible happy ending to the romance between Emmi and Leo. Leo could have canceled his trip to Boston to stay with Emmi or stick with his plan and leave Emmi in Germany. Hence, both a pessimistic outcome and a happy ending would be conceivable.

The ending leaves the possibility of a sequel open. Anyone familiar with this novel knows that Daniel Glattauer continues to tell the story of the two in the sequel to All Seven Waves. If the sequel is also filmed, it will be seen to what extent it is based on the original. It is not yet known whether the film sequel “Gut gegen Nordwind” will be released. So it remains exciting to see if and how the story of Emmi and Leo will continue in the cinema.

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