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08/06/2022 07:40

Ralf Zellweger has been a member of the crossbowmen club for 20 years and has been president since the beginning of the year

As the Association of Crossbowmen Herisau-Waldstatt could not celebrate its 150th anniversary last year due to the pandemic, it will be held on two weekends in June. Neo-president Ralf Zellweger is looking forward to the big party.

crossbowmen “I myself have been a member of the crossbowmen club for 20 years. At that time, he was still at the Waldstätter club, which merged with the Herisau club in 2012, ”explains Ralf Zellweger, president of the crossbowmen club (ASV) Herisau-Waldstatt. The 29-year-old came into contact with the sport at an early age through his father Ernst Zellweger, who was also president of the club. There are now 29 members in all age groups: “We have many older people in retirement age, but also middle-aged people and, of course, young people. The sexes are also well mixed, ”explains Zellweger, who grew up in Waldstatt. The older generation trains during the week in the morning, they are employed on Wednesday or Thursday evenings, and the young people from 10 years of age train on Saturday morning. Crossbowmen training takes place in Chammerholz, right next to the composting plant.

arouse interest in offspring

For the youngest, the goal of training is to use the crossbow, shoot correctly and posture correctly. “The crossbow weighs around seven kilograms. It is far too difficult for younger children, so they train with “on” crossbows, “explains Zellweger. Until the age of 16, “hook shooting” is practiced, later, according to Zellweger, young people train like adults. “All children develop differently. Therefore, it can sometimes happen that even a 14-year-old dare to try “real” shooting, as long as his posture suits him. ” In recent years, the crossbowmen club Herisau-Waldstatt has benefited above all from its presence at OFFA: “We are always there and pay attention to our club. In this way, for several years we have managed to attract some children to sport – says the President with joy. But the OFF Festival included not only young people, but also adults, whose interest was aroused by the crossbowmen’s stand.

Great anniversary party

Among the crossbowmen there are competitions: “Each association organizes a cantonal or regional competition, there are also the Swiss Championship, the Swiss Cup and the Federal Crossbowman Festival, which takes place every three years – this year in Neuwilen, Thurgau,” explains the 29-year-olds. There are two main disciplines in the competition: 30 meter shooting and 10 meter shooting. “In a 30 meter shooting range, you are shooting a target outdoors from a range, a 10 meter discipline is more likely to be conducted indoors, such as a shooting range.” The official celebration of the Herisau-Waldstatt crossbowmen club will take place from 10 to 12 June and from 17 to 19 June at the Schützenhaus in Chammerholz in Herisau. “We already have over 410 registrations from 54 different clubs. We are all really looking forward to the festival, ”says Zellweger. At the ceremonial end of the first weekend on Saturday evening from A bar evening where you can chat with the shooting family and their friends and acquaintances about your own results, or just end the evening. The finale of the celebrations will take place on June 19: “It will be a great 150th anniversary event for our company and we hope that many people will reach the finals in Chammerholz!”

Cynthia Sieber

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