Kanye West threatens Pete Davidson, Kim’s boyfriend – and Julia Fox breaks up with people

Another Kanye Freak!

There is a crazy war of roses going on. knocker Kanye West (44) is far from ending her separation with Kim Kardashian (41). And you can’t do anything with your new partner Pete Davidson (28).

On Sunday, the rapper, suffering from bipolar disorder, once again attacked his rival on Instagram. West’s hateful posts hit his account every minute – as he sat in the stands with his children North (8) and Saint (6) at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles!

A day later, the entries are no longer visible. As with the previous tirades, Kanye quickly removed them.

Kanye came to the Super Bowl in a strange outfitFoto: Getty Images for Roc Nation

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Kanye came to the Super Bowl in a strange outfit, appearing (as is often the case) completely coveredPhoto: Getty Images for Roc Nation

Kim and her new boyfriend Pete in Los Angeles a few weeks agoFoto: action press

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Kim and her new boyfriend Pete in Los Angeles a few weeks agoPhoto: action press

But what was said still resonates, according to guests, Kanye was even booed in the stadium for his confused tirades against ex Kim and her new lover!

Among other things, Ye published photos of comedian Pete Davidson and insulted him publicly. And proud of weird dating theses. The rapper captioned the photos: “Look at this fool. I’ll be amazed if Instagram blocks me for objection from ex-boyfriend Hillary Clinton. ”

The claim that Pete and Hillary were together wasn’t his was excusable. All you need to do is google the ex-presidential candidate, the rapper wrote. Then he posted a photo of the tattoo on Pete Davidson’s arm – and featured Hillary Clinton. The politician ordered a 28-year-old girl to be stabbed in the skin in 2017, calling her “my heroine”. But that the two have ever dated – an absolutely insane statement by Kanye.

Also Violent: Pete Davidson was apparently trying to get close to Kanye.

Pete has reportedly texted him that he won’t get involved with Kanye and Kim’s kids, but hopes he’ll meet them one day, and then they’ll all be friends. Kanye shared a screenshot of the message on Instagram and replied to Davidson without sympathy, “You’ll never meet my kids!”

West also gives out his ex Kim on a regular basis, harshly criticizing, among other things, the fact that North’s daughter can be seen on the TikTok platform. Recently, the musician even claimed that Kim accused him of having the murderer on her. Too much for an icon of reality! She felt compelled to make a statement.

“Kanye’s constant ridicule of me in interviews and on social media is far more painful than any TikToks North can do,” Kim wrote on Twitter.

Even his new music is not without attacks on Kim and Pete. “God saved me from the accident so I could smash Pete Davidson’s ass,” is the verse in Kanye’s song “Eazy.” A nod to his near-fatal car accident in 2002.

Julia Fox is fed up with Kanye West

On the other hand, Kanye wrote last week that he misses Kim and is asking God to reunite his family. While the appeal was not heard, at least in the case of Kim’s wife, another lady was listening: Kanye’s new love, Julia Fox. The former domina doesn’t want to know anything more about him.

West recently enjoyed hanging out with actress Julia FoxFoto: Getty Images For Kenzo

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West recently enjoyed hanging out with actress Julia Fox, both of whom have demonstrated their love for moviesPhoto: Getty Images for Kenzo

It all ended with Kim’s deputy Julia Fox, 32, after both flirted for weeks and exposed their love.

The Daily Mail reports that the actress and former female domination was spotted in tears at the Los Angeles airport after he ditched the rapper. Fox previously removed all shared photos on Instagram – a clear statement in celebrity circles.

But even clearer: Julia’s reaction to the article about separation in the Daily Mail. Amused, she wrote on her Instagram: “UNDER THE Tears? I haven’t cried since 1997, and I certainly wouldn’t be crying for SOMETHING! “

So hardly anyone is interested in Kanye anymore …

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