Lufthansa and Eurowings cancel hundreds of flights for July | Free press

The demand for air travel is soaring after two years of the koruna pandemic. However, airports and airlines do not yet have enough staff to deal with the rush.

Frankfurt am Main.

Lufthansa and its subsidiary Eurowings are reducing their flight schedule in July due to a lack of in-house staff and with suppliers of ground and airport services.

Lufthansa removed 900 flights in Germany and Europe from its hubs in Frankfurt and Munich for July, the airline said on request. The cancellations are made on the days of the week, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, which corresponds to five percent of the planned bandwidth on the weekend. Eurowings is also canceling several hundred flights to stabilize the July offer.

Airlines suffer from a post-pandemic staff shortage

The entire aviation industry, especially in Europe, is currently struggling with bottlenecks and a lack of staff – from passenger screening to aircraft and flight attendants. There is a shortage of employees who were looking for other jobs during the pandemic.

Lufthansa and Eurowings have implemented numerous measures to ensure the greatest possible stability of the flight schedule, underlined Lufthansa. “However, it is foreseeable that due to bottlenecks, flight plans cannot proceed as expected.” Passengers will be informed immediately of any cancellations and, if possible, they will rebook on other Lufthansa or Eurowings flights. Alternatively, passengers in Germany could travel to the airports by train.

Travelers should use online check-in

The airlines have asked passengers to arrive at the airport in good time for the upcoming holiday season and to use online check-in and check-in the night before, if possible. Hand luggage should be reduced to the essentials to avoid long waiting times for security checks.

Following the cancellation of flights with major European airlines over the Pentecost weekend due to a shortage of staff, concerns have increased about chaotic conditions during the peak tourist season. After the departures and layoffs during the pandemic, the industry does not yet have enough workers and operational staff to cope with the sheer volume of travel.

“At all locations, service providers involved in handling passengers are about 20 percent short of ground staff compared to the pre-crown period. This can lead to bottlenecks, especially during rush hour check-in, suitcase loading and air security checks, ”said Ralph Beisel, ADV’s Director General of Airports recently. (dpa)

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