News in the morning – News of October 27, 2020 – Politics

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The US Senate confirms Amy Coney Barrett as judge of the Supreme Court. The Republican majority votes for devout Catholic President Trump nominated for the position. Currently, there is a conservative 6-3 majority in the US Supreme Court. Democrats tried to prevent voting until the end – because the presidential elections will be held on November 3. Thorsten Denkler reports.

Case against Islamists: defenders should pay 18,000 euros. Lawyers in two cases noticed inconsistencies in the testimonies of witnesses. You talk to them and receive the sentence because they quoted from a non-public trial. Details by Annette Ramelsberger

Kramp-Karrenbauer wants to better control the orders for the Bundeswehr. The Defense Minister draws the consequences from an assault rifle failure. In the future, the minister wants more control over the awarding of large contracts above EUR 25 million. Then the committee should make sure that everything goes well when the decision is made. The Bundeswehr procurement system is again an important construction site for the minister, writes Mike Szymański.

A footballer who challenges Boris Johnson. Marcus Rashford, a 22-year-old Manchester United forward, has been struggling to provide children in need with free school meals from the government even during the summer holidays. The British Prime Minister replied that he was taking a different path. Families in need should be supported where they live, through local communities. Author: Alexander Mühlauer

Coronavirus news

A small majority of Germans consider crown measures sufficient. According to ARD Deutschlandtrend, 51 percent of those eligible to vote say so. 32 percent restrictions do not go far enough, 15 percent. thinks they are too extensive. Health authorities are reporting 11,409 new infections to the RKI – last Tuesday it was 6,868. More information

Corona infections paralyze the UN headquarters. All face-to-face meetings scheduled for Tuesday in New York were canceled due to a positive test of five employees from one Member State. This follows from an internal letter from the President of the UN General Assembly, Volkan Bozkir. Sessions will be suspended until contact tracking is complete. Global reports at a glance

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Brandenburg, the AfD parliamentary group, elects a new chairman. Kalbitz, who had been expelled from the party, resigned in August. Vice-chairman of the parliamentary group Bessin, parliamentary director Hohloch and AfD MP Berndt are running for his successor. All three have links to groups classified as far-right.

Antarctic Conference meeting. At the annual conference of the Commission on the Conservation of Marine Living Resources, the federal government intends to reaffirm its call for the world’s largest marine conservation area in the Weddell Sea. The EU has already submitted a German-prepared application to the Commission in 2016 – so far with no success. In early October, the Bundestag unanimously voted the sea protection area.

Cologne takes measures by 11/11. before. Due to the crown pandemic, parties in the streets at the start of the carnival should be prevented at all costs. Mayor Henriette Reker and the chairman of the Cologne Carnival Festival Committee Christoph Kuckelkorn will be present at the press conference.

UN head Guterres and the Nordic leaders meet online. The UN Secretary General wants to talk to the Nordic Council about the corona crisis from a Scandinavian and global perspective. The participation of the prime ministers of the Nordic countries: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland as well as the heads of government of the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Åland Islands is also expected.

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Dancing in line. The Joy to the Polls initiative wants to beautify the waiting time in front of the US electoral office with musical interludes – but also to ensure de-escalation. The action against the so-called “Suppression of voters” resulted in a viral dance music video.

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