Nicki Nicole on Roblox: Pull & Bear presents the first Metaverse concert

Inditex Group fashion brand Pull & Bear presents the first concert of Argentine rapper and singer Nicki Nicole on Roblox, one of the largest Metaverse platforms. First concert at the Roblox Metaverse as part of Nicole’s collaboration with the fashion brand beginning of the artist’s international physical and virtual tour. With over 55 million daily active users and annual sales of $ 2 billion, Roblox claims to be one of the largest Metaverse platforms in the world alongside Fortnite. The concert event is produced by the Wildbytes creative agency.

More and more brands are choosing to develop hybrid initiatives that allow their users to interact in both the virtual and real world. The fashion industry in particular relies increasingly on the Metaverse community. Pull & Bear follows this trend by presenting a virtual concert inspired by the works of the famous visual artist Jacek Sachs. The artist previously worked with a fashion brand and is now creating a “physical space” for the fashion brand at the Primavera Sound music festival in Barcelona.

Wildbytes creates the world

The virtual world created for this purpose comes from the creative agency Wildbytes, which produces the entire concert event. The Spanish start-up with experiential innovation has extensive experience in creating extraordinary events in both virtual and physical environments. The concert, which will take place on June 8 at 20:00 CET, is the first of its kind at the Metaverse in Spain. The concert will also be broadcast live on Instagram and Pull & Bear. This makes it the first event to be seen live on both platforms, and is accessible to anyone worldwide who wants to follow the concert.

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For creative entrepreneur Jamshid Alamuti, Managing Director of Wildbytes in Germany, it is no surprise that major retailers are creating a virtual presence in virtual worlds: “In two or three years it will become the norm. Over the next five years, 70 percent of the major brands will be represented on Metaverse. ” According to an analysis conducted by the consulting firm McKinsey in collaboration with market researcher The Business of Fashion, fashion companies will invest more than five percent of their revenues in virtual activities over the next five years.

“The Metaverse is growing relentlessly. There were over five million mentions of the metaverse in online conversations last year – with 29 percent positive brand sentiment. Gen Z and the Millennials are the age groups that dominate 90 percent of these conversations, according to a Business Reporter study. More and more brands are recognizing the added value and opportunities hybridization can bring to their strategies. The production of virtual events with an excellent innovative component makes the user experience unique and incomparable, especially for new generations of consumers, ”explains Daniel Torrico, Managing Director of Wildbytes Spain.

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Interactive planets

Users attending the Roblox concert will experience a virtual world bearing the iconic brand of visual artist Jack Sachs, with whom Pull & Bear is also working to create his physical space at the Primavera Sound music festival. The participants of the concert are immersed in the virtual world of small planets, on which their digital twin avatars travel and move around the artist. The artist avatar is located on a central planet that everyone else can see.

The interactive experience also includes attractions such as slides, swimming pools, jumps and mats that allow avatars to make fun moves in a virtual space and share their experiences on social networks. Concert attendees can also choose different dances for their virtual avatars.

There are also portals that allow visitors to “teleport” from one planet to another. To this end, they use a digital jetpack with which they can fly between planets and around rapper Nicki Nicole and, for example, enjoy a concert from the air. Concert goers can also send feedback to the artist – fan feedback is then linked directly to the singer’s avatar.

Participation in the concert is possible at this link.

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