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ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that Partner Communications is using its oscilloscope timing technology to support a nationwide 5G deployment. The solution provides the accuracy and availability necessary for next-generation mobile services and low-latency and time-sensitive applications. With ADVA Oscilloquartz Grandmaster devices for central sites, an improved Master Time Reference Clock (ePRTC) and multi-band GNSS receivers, the new timing infrastructure is highly resilient and prepared to deal with the increasing threat of jamming and spoofing attacks. ADVA’s partner RDT Equipment & Systems played a key role in the implementation in terms of installation, configuration and troubleshooting. Together with ADVA, RDT will support Partner Communication in ongoing maintenance and support.

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Partner Communications uses ADVA's Oscilloquartz timing technology to support 5G deployment in Israel.  (Photo: Business Wire)

Partner Communications uses ADVA’s Oscilloquartz timing technology to support 5G deployment in Israel. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Upgrading our large nationwide cellular network required both the most advanced timing technology and the support of a team of experienced experts. That’s why we chose ADVA’s Oscilloquartz synchronization solution, based on the Grandmaster PTP clock with full hardware redundancy and a scalable, modular design. offers many expansion options, including PTP over multiple 10Gbit / s interfaces. Future-proof GNSS technology ensures maximum availability even under difficult conditions, ”says Yigal Giladi, vice president of engineering, Partner Communications. “Thanks to our new time infrastructure, we can offer our customers the best possible 5G mobile service. When GNSS is compromised or unavailable for other reasons, the ePRTC ADVA solutions allow us to maintain very accurate timing even during very long interruptions in GNSS delivery through our network. ”

Partner Communications’ new timing infrastructure consists of OSA 5440, a fully redundant, scalable and modular multi-technology grand master for deployment at central locations. Along with the cesium clock OSA 3230B ePRC and the OSA clock adder, the ePRTC system has been implemented, which offers a high degree of time stability in accordance with the ITU-T G.8272.1 standard. Built-in multi-band and multi-constellation receivers compensate for atmospheric disturbances and filter out time errors. In addition, centralized artificial intelligence-based GNSS security software identifies and protects against gaps in satellite timing. The solution also uses the OSA 5410 series for continuous testing and monitoring. This allows the partner communication team to identify problems early and minimize disruption to wireless services. The synchronization network is handled by ADVA’s Ensemble and Sync Director. This powerful management solution gives Partner Communications complete visibility into its time infrastructure and ensures highly accurate timing.

“Partner Communications has taken a big step forward in terms of the accuracy and reliability of its synchronization network. The team was determined to implement a very precise and robust time infrastructure. Our engineers tirelessly optimized and tested the design and managed the end-to-end installation to create an infrastructure that will benefit Partner Communications customers now and for years to come, ”commented Hartmut Mueller-Leitloff, Vice President, EMEA Sales, ADVA. “The implemented timing solution uses unique features to eliminate gaps in GNSS, such as multi-band and multi-constellation receivers, and AI-assisted analysis. In times of increasing jamming and spoofing attacks, this will be invaluable for mobile users in Israel. ”

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