Partying and going out: 12 tips for the weekend

The weekend is not far away again! We increase anticipation by announcing events that are fun, awake and simply convey the joy of life together.

Entertainment with big names

Roland Kaiser is not in Santa Maria, the comedy at Übigau Castle, but his hits and spirit are there. The premiere is already on Friday, from now on you can walk to your snow-white beaches at night almost every day.
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Santa Maria – Musical

In the fourth year of the Summer Pleasure, the Elbe Castle in Übigau is transformed into a Caribbean holiday home. An enchanted hotel on the holiday island of Santa Maria after 20 years gathers five childhood friends, but their joy at seeing each other is spoiled by a real marriage crisis, financial problems and an old summer love named Joana … What would summer in Dresden be without Emperor Roland’s music? The Elbe? His greatest hits such as “I Think It’s Beginning Again”, “Seven Barrels Of Wine” and “Sometimes I’d Like to Be With You” can now be experienced for the first time in an open-air musical.

Premiere on Friday at 19.30 in Elbschloss Übigau in Dresden, next performances on Saturday and Sunday and many days to come this summer also at 19.30

Tickets are available here

Santa Maria – A musical in the Augusto calendar of events

Finally, the premiere of “Rocky Horror Show”

The Landesbühnen Sachsen makes the old slaughterhouse dangerous – after all. The premiere should take place in 2020, on Sunday the time has come. The message of a grotesque horror story from a distant galaxy of Transylvania is terrifying, fascinating and delightful, just like when the musical premiered almost 40 years ago. Hell’s fun, a divine party, a celebration of obsessions, unfulfilled dreams and the question of freedom in our supposedly self-determined life.

on Sunday at 19.30 in the old slaughterhouse in Dresden

Rocky Horror Show on the Augusto calendar of events

Wincent Weiss on the Hutberg stage

Wincenty Weiss’s warm voice goes under the skin, his songs go straight to the heart. Listened, streamed, clicked, shared, loved a million times. On radio, TV, streaming platforms, YouTube or social networks. Wincent Weiss reached the top. Awarded with the ECHO, MTV Music Award, Radio Rainbow Award, Audi Generation Award and twice with the Bavarian Music Lion. But what really made him stand out was the love of his fans: over 150,000 viewers on his five solo tours and several hundred thousand at countless outdoor and radio festivals over the past three years.

on Friday at 19:00 at Hutbergbühne Kamenz

Tickets are available here

Wincent Weiss on the Augusto calendar of events

Fun on stage

The Count of Luxembourg has some misunderstandings.  As he learns, it can be seen and heard on the Kriebstein Lake scene.

The Count of Luxembourg has some misunderstandings. As he learns, it can be seen and heard on the Kriebstein Lake scene.
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Count of Luxembourg

René Graf von Luxemburg loves a fun life and spends more money than he has. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the Paris carnival, he receives an irresistible offer: he is to marry an unknown woman for a large sum, so that they both have not even seen each other … And Lehár has once again created music that can be as brilliant as it is soulful.

on Friday at 20:00 (premiere) and on Sunday at 18:00 on the stage by Lake Kriebstein

Tickets are available here

Count of Luxembourg on the Augusto calendar of events

Dieter and the wolf

The wolf is circling. When 3 sheep die in a neighboring village, be patient
village over. Residents do not want to calm down anymore. All hopes now rest on Dieter, a former district forester. The hunt begins, a tragic rural comedy.

on Thursday and Friday at 20:00 at the Theaterkahn Dresden

Dieter and the wolf on the Augusto calendar of events

Two ties – a big party show

During an elegant evening party, the waiter Jean is persuaded by one of the ball guests to switch neckties: a barely simple black tie has been replaced with white silk, and Jean begins a shaky life in the high society. Arriving in the pulsating metropolises of the New World, Jean quickly learns that he is being touted as an investment by female industrialists because: “Everything is business.” Will he take advantage of his great chance in the land of possibilities?

on Sunday at 15:00 at the State Operetta in Dresden

Two ties on the Augusto calendar of events

Outdoor festivals – and free admission!

Joe's will ensure a lively start to the Berggiesshübel city festival on Friday night.

Joe’s will ensure a lively start to the Berggiesshübel city festival on Friday night.
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Joe’s Company – Fun at a party at the Berggiesshübel city festival

A music festival in Berggiesshübel, near Pirna, will open Joe’s Company. The team will ensure an unforgettable party at the spa many times! Led by band leader Joe, who is a neck-breathing bully, the band scour the local record collection and recreate what you’ve always wanted to hear. A lively atmosphere is guaranteed as old songs, rock’n’roll, rock classics, country songs, eastern rock and hits bring you to dance and celebrate in a colorful rotation.

on Friday from 19.30 at the Berggiesshübel festival, admission free

Joe’s Company – Friday night party fun on the Augusto calendar of events

6th Civic Picnic Löbau

After a compulsory two-year break, the Löbau Citizens’ List invites you to this year’s sixth Civic Picnic at the National Horticulture Exhibition. If you want you can just have a cup of coffee and cake or grilled sausage and beer. If you want, you can also ask city councils or club members to put forward questions about Löbau in personal discussions. As always, there is an offer for children and adults with sports, games and fun.

on Sunday from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Bürgerwäldchen at the State Garden Show, admission free

The 6th Civic Picnic Löbau in the Augusto calendar of events

Sellnitz festival on Lilienstein

Family holiday in the national park near Lilienstein. Music will be provided by Krambambuli from Dresden, and entertainment and entertainment will be provided by the “Singing Sounding Tree” puppet theater. You can be active all day long in the adventure meadow below Lilienstein with many different activity stations. There is one for that
An ant guide and nature observation with a tracker. Food and drinks are sourced from the region and are baked in a wood-fired oven on site.

on Sundays from 10:00 to 18:00 in Lilienstein Sellnitz free admission

Sellnitzfest am Lilienstein in the Augusto calendar of events

Party together

Long-standing: the band Apparatschik, which will play on Sunday on the Albert Bridge in Dresden.

Long-standing: the band Apparatschik, which will play on Sunday on the Albert Bridge in Dresden.
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Apparatchik in the pavilion at the Albert Bridge

Far beyond the borders of the country, the four musicians inspire the audience with energetic live concerts, thrilling melodies and a rhythm that hits your feet. Polka and ska, reggae and rock’n’roll, disco and techno beats bring apparatchiks out of electrified folklore instruments.

on Sunday at 4 p.m. in the pavilion at the Albert Bridge in Dresden

Apparatschik in the pavilion at the Albert Bridge in the Augusto calendar of events

The whole disco … or what?

All discos – that is: 1 entrance, 2 clubs, 3 floors. While the DJs at the Lofthouse are making the party barrel overflow with “The Best of Disko”, at the same time downtown you have some house and blackness in your ears before finally indulging in your evening hooks in the electro lounge and celebrate the heady night that seems endless.

on Saturday from 22:00 in Downtown / Lofthouse on Katharinenstraße Dresden

The whole disco … or what? on the Augusto calendar of events

Casual salsa evening

With the sun in his heart, music in his blood and an icy mojito in his hand, Saloppe awakens to a fantastic meeting of two dancing people. Fire in the blood, joy to live in the heart and passion flows through every dance leg. Salsa, bachata and kizomba are some of the things that are danced.

on Sunday from 18:00 in Saloppe Dresden

A casual evening of salsa on the Augusto calendar of events

Want more tips?

You can find all the tips for partying and partying in and around Dresden as well as in Upper Lusatia in the Augusto event calendar.

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