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Social jobs such as nursing pose high levels of stress for many, both mentally and physically, and many wonder why skilled workers are still not properly paid for them.

Whether you work as a nurse, in a hospital, or as a nanny at a preschool day care center: in social work, people are challenged excessively, work many hours a day physically and still receive too low hourly wages. Therefore, many wonder why these professions are still not better paid. Now, however, it seems that things are finally getting better.

Fair remuneration according to the law

In the fall of 2022, an improvement is finally visible as the traffic light coalition passed a law on fairer remuneration of nurses and other nursing professions. Assistants, the so-called skilled assistants and trained nursing staff should then receive more money in three steps.

More than 18 euros in the hourly wage

The statutorily regulated hourly rate then increases to a maximum of over EUR 18. Exactly how high the income in nursing is depends primarily on the regional location of the nurse. Hourly wages are highest in southern Germany, but living costs are also highest there. Comparison: if a nurse costs a small one-room apartment in Munich at least € 750 a month, including rent, only around € 175 have to be paid for comparable accommodation in Meissen, Saxony.

Find the highest paying online nurse job

If you want to engage in professional reorientation with or without a change of residence, you can find nursing vacancies on the Internet. In particular, the salaries paid can be compared at a glance. For nursing staff with families at home, moving to a distant city is usually out of the question. However, young, newly trained nurses in particular can often count on better wages elsewhere in the workplace. In particular in rural areas, earnings in nursing care are below average, which is why young doctors are mainly attracted by large German cities.

Wages in the East are much lower

Even more than 30 years after German reunification with Germany, salaries in the eastern federal states are still well below the average wage in western Germany. The government is actively trying to counter this persistent divergence, but so far with no tangible success. It can also be seen that a high percentage of women in care work hard physically. The percentage of male nursing staff is now only a quarter, but an upward trend has been observed in recent years. In 2018, still 20 percent. of men stretched out a helping hand to the nurses under their care.

The nursing professions provide more equal opportunities

On average, the starting salary for a nurse is just under € 3,000 gross per month, so health insurance contributions are deducted from this, and payroll tax and other statutory obligations must be paid:

  • church tax
  • Pension insurance contributions
  • Unemployment and long-term care insurance

If you can work as a nurse frequently overnight or on weekends, you will receive special benefits and allowances. With tax class 1 for single caregivers without children, a little over € 2,000 is left at their disposal free of charge every month. As food costs the same throughout Germany, the monthly expenses for rent, electricity, heating etc. are largely responsible for what the nurse makes out of the monthly salary. Unlike other professions, you can, for example, finance your own car every year or go on vacation. Especially for people who graduated from high school or high school diploma, a career in nursing gives the opportunity to earn a decent salary each month. The basic requirements to be able to work in care for many years are a high level of self-motivation, joy in communing with people in need, and increased physical and mental resistance.

How much salary is considered “good” in the Federal Republic?

Since 1995, there has been an upward trend in the development of German wages. Currently, the average salary of an employed person in Germany is around 4,000 euros gross a month or an annual income of almost 50,000 euros gross. This equates to a net income of approximately EUR 2,500 per month or approximately EUR 30,000 net per year. In this article, the financial experts at Wirtschaftswoche evaluate wages in Germany and give a classification of the different earnings classes, which can be broken down into “moderate” through “good” to “very good” highest earnings. The nurse is still below average today, but well paid. However, many people find not only an acceptable monthly income and a secure job in a caring career, but also full personal fulfillment.

In nursing, the right choice of workplace is key

Finally, there can be deep satisfaction in caring for other people on a daily basis, helping children, the elderly, or the infirm. For a nurse, the most important thing is to choose the right job in order to receive adequate compensation for the same effort. Hourly wages in private clinics are usually higher than in municipal hospitals, and private housing care is usually provided with a car that can be driven privately outside of working hours.

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