Will Rammstein fall apart? THIS is the text of their song “Adieu” – is it the farewell anthem of the Berlin band?

A new album of the band “Zeit” will be released on Friday. Are musicians from Rammstein and frontman Till Lindemann (4th from left) celebrating their goodbyes? dpa / Bryan Adams / Rammstein / Universal music

After all, here is the new, eagerly anticipated album of the Berlin band Rammstein – and it has become an album that gives even more cause for speculation than usual. On Thursday evening, new songs by the band gathered around frontman Till Lindemann had their premiere, which appeared for the first time in many cinemas, incl. in Berlin. Exciting: In keeping with the title of Time, a lot of people revolve around passing – is it possible that rockers are ending their careers?

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Rammstein: Is the song “Adieu” your farewell hymn?

In the run-up to the release, there was a lot of speculation about the last track on the album. The song is called “Adieu” and, like many Rammstein songs, it can be interpreted in many ways. The text suggests that the play is about death … but some of the phrases fuel parting-up speculation about Rammstein.

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This is what he says in the chorus: “But don’t worry, we’re with you / The last time, so we sing / Adieu, goodbye, see you again / You have to go the last way alone / Last song, last kiss / Miracle won’t happen / goodbye, goodbye , farewell / time with you was nice. ” The next line reads: “They all die alone (alone) / but you will always be with us.” Even more striking: the line “Even the sun will burn out” – is this a reference to the mega-hit “Sonne”?

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Till Lindemann, lead singer of the German rock band Rammstein, in concert. dpa / Boris Roessler

A few weeks ago, there were speculations as to whether the album “Zeit” may be the last of the Berlin band. Because: Even the first release of the single, titled “Zeit”, was full of tips, reports the music portal MoreCore.de. As the song says, “When it’s our time, it’s time to leave. Stop when it’s most beautiful, the clocks will stop. “

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Elsewhere, Till Lindemann sings: “The moment is perfect, but time goes by. Wait a minute, I’m not ready yet. “You also have to take into account that Till Lindemann is already 59 years old, in January 2023 he will be 60 – with the next album in two, three, four years he would be in the mid 1960s.

Album Rammstein: The song “Wielkie tits” creates the atmosphere of a folk festival

If that is the case, “Zeit” should certainly be a worthy final album: in addition to the song “Zick Zack” about the obsession with beauty in our society, which has already been mentioned many times, the musicians in “Angst” are turning to the topic of xenophobia.

“Zeit”, Rammstein’s new album. Universal music

Apparently, the relations are also arranged – in “Gift”, but also in the extraordinary song “Lügen”. And even a tented atmosphere is provided: The song “Big tits” accompanies the festival sounds of folklore and describes the fantasies of a man who is looking for a woman with particularly large breasts.

What’s behind the rumors? Fans will be sure to find out soon. First of all, the premiere of the video “Angst” is approaching – the visually stunning short film has already been shown at the premiere, and its official premiere should also take place on Friday at 5:00 PM.

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