Black Desert introduces PvP arenas with permanent equipment

Black Desert received PvP arenas with the June 8 update. In these, you don’t fight with your open-world equipment, but get special PvP gear. This eliminates the advantage of many grinders in PvP. The new arena was correspondingly well received.

What is this innovation in PvP? The biggest attraction of the new update is Arena of Solare, where you fight 3v3 with other players:

  • As a team, you try to win three out of five rounds. The round lasts a maximum of three minutes. If the team is not completely defeated within this time, the team with the higher percentage of hitpoints wins.
  • You have special equipment in the arena itself. This can be written in different templates and improved over time.
  • Potions, food enhancement and other consumables cannot be used in the arena. Even higher levels don’t give you any stats advantage.
  • Overall skill healing in the arena is reduced by 50%.
  • The arena can be entered automatically by searching for matches.
  • In the beginning, there are three different battlefields randomly selected. All matches are played here. There are secondary items in the arenas, such as a healing orb and a torch that increases attack power for 30 seconds.

The preseason with a ranking is already at the start. Everyone starts with 1150 points and you earn points for wins and lose points for losses or if you don’t play in the arena for several days in a row. The highest rank – Solar Incarnate V – requires at least 2401 points.

What is the requirement to enter the arena? To participate in PvP battles in the Solare Arena, you need level 60 and complete the Succession / Awakening quests. In our level guide, we reveal how to get to level 60 quickly.

In addition, there is now a time limit. The arena can only be entered from 5:00 p.m. to midnight and seasonal characters cannot be used.

This video gives you a first glimpse into the Solare Arena:

The new Black Desert PvP arena at a glance

“The day has finally come when we can enjoy the battles at BDO”

How exactly does the hardware work? Gear plays an important role in previous PvP content, such as Outpost Battles, the “Red Battleground” or Open World PvP. Anyone who grinds a lot or uses real money to improve is much stronger than any novice or veteran who doesn’t invest that much time.

In the new PvP arena, you get special gear that only works there. At the beginning, you have access to basic statistics and crystals. Over time, you will collect the new Seals of Solare currency that you can use to unlock new equipment and new crystals.

This new gear offers different effects or enhances other attributes.

You can use the new currency to unlock other equipment.

How is the arena coming? Really good. On both reddit and YouTube, players are overwhelmed with praise. This is mainly due to the standardized equipment:

  • Cyniku can’t believe his luck on reddit: “Is this after all a day when we can enjoy action-packed combat in the Black Desert without spending 12 hours a day grinding mobs over and over again? A real miracle! “
  • Original_HD player had a good experience: “So far, I have enjoyed every game, even with people who didn’t know how to play PvP… Please, dear seasoned players, don’t be too toxic to newcomers entering the PvP scene. We want it big so that Pearl Abyss sees the interest of the BDO PvP community. “
  • LordBaneGaming user writes on YouTube: “Finally. I’ve been saying for years that the Black Desert needs: balanced equipment. Yay! ”.

What are the critics saying? So far, single mistakes and low rewards in the arena have been criticized mainly. Some players find the strong crowd control effects in the game annoying. However, it is also seen in other Black Desert PvP content.

What do you think about the new PvP arena? Does this concept appeal to you and do you see that you are starting or going back to the Black Desert because of it? Feel free to write this in the comments.

It wasn’t until April that the MMORPG got a new expansion that had a lot to offer, especially for newbies and PvE fans:

Black Desert is becoming more and more an MMORPG theme park with a new expansion, and that’s great

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