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Labor Day rallies are largely canceled this year due to the crown. The first serious outbreaks of the crown appear in slaughterhouses. On May 6, politicians gave the green light for further easing: all shops could be reopened, and in gastronomy and tourism should start carefully. Nevertheless, the first “hygienic demasses” are also taking place in the north, where the coronation measures are criticized. Bundesliga will start again on May 16 – with ghost games. On Ascension Day and Pentecost, day-trippers flock to the shores – sometimes places are so full that they have to be closed to other visitors. May Corona events at a glance.

May 1, 2020

Hardly any May demos in the North – Mein Schiff 3 in quarantine

  • Due to the corona measurements, they must Labor Day rallies they largely fail. There are only smaller demonstrations in the north. Otherwise, the DGB relies on virtual campaigns on the Internet. Also in Hamburg Schanzenviertel or on the Reeperbahn there are only minor disputes.
  • In Schwerin, the police are solving one problem Demonstration against Corona measures on. Up to 600 demonstrators gathered on the south bank of the Pfaffenteich.
  • On board a cruise ship moored in Cuxhaven “My Ship 3” The shipping company TUI Cruises found a positive case of the crown. The entire ship with nearly 3,000 crew members – but no passengers on board – was quarantined. A total of nine crew members will pass positive tests in the coming days.

May 4, 2020

Barbers can reopen

For the first time since the Corona closure, which lasted more than six weeks, hairdressers in Germany are allowed to reopen – but under strict hygiene requirements. Even in the North it is difficult to make an appointment.

May 5, 2020

Crown explosion in the slaughterhouse

FROM slaughterhouse operator Vion stops production in Bad Bramstedt (Segeberg district) after many workers have been infected with the coronavirus. In the following days, 130 employees and their families tested positive for the virus. A few days later, a corona epidemic breaks out also at the slaughterhouse in Dissen in Lower Saxony. The precarious working conditions of slaughterhouse workers, who often come from Eastern Europe, increasingly draw attention to the entire country.

May 6, 2020

Federal and state governments agree to relax

  • After several countries – including Lower Saxony – have moved forward, Chancellor Merkel and the federal state heads of government agreed on a video link further relaxation Corona remedies. So everyone should? reopen stores maybe, for them too gastronomy and in tourism should start over under certain conditions. this contact restrictions will be extended until at least 5 June.
  • There is also a green light for him Bundesliga restart: From May 16, the ball can be rolled again in the first and second leagues.
  • In most northern countries also reopened from 6 May playgrounds open and church services allowed.

May 7, 2020

UKE study: Covid-19 leads to blood clots

A study from the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University Hospital of Hamburg-Eppendorf shows that many of the 19 Covid patients who died developed thrombosis and embolism. Several patients died of pulmonary embolism without any signs before dying.

May 9, 2020

Hygiene shows also in the North

There are more and more of them throughout the country Demonstrations against Corona Requirements. Critics complain that they are often organized or infiltrated by right-wing extremists and conspiracy theorists. There are also demonstrations in Schwerin where the police have to intervene because, for example, the distance rules are not respected. On the following weekends, demonstrators also took to the streets in other North German cities such as Hanover and Hamburg.

Further information

The spectrum of critics of measures to contain the pandemic ranges from medical professionals to “crown rebels”. Members of risk groups feel threatened by their attitude. still

May 13, 2020

Hamburg’s restaurants and large shops may be reopened

  • After the Hamburg Senate only announced it the day before, in May cafes and restaurants reopened in the Hanseatic city – inside and out. Even two families can sit at one table. Waitresses must wear mouth and nose protectors and write down the addresses of the guests.
  • Also larger stores can re-accept clients in the Hanseatic city. Previously, stores were limited to a maximum of 800 square meters. Long queues are the exception rather than the rulebut occasionally they can be found in front of large furniture and electronics stores. “There was a brief catch-up effect,” said a spokeswoman for the trade association Nord.

May 16, 2020

Bundesliga continues – with ghost games

Combined with an extensive hygiene concept, First and second Bundesliga soccer again. Without spectators at the Wolfsburg and St. The Pauli start out with wins, while HSV, Kiel and VfL Osnabrück have to settle for draws. Werder lost the spank in Monday’s game: Bremen lost 4-1 at home to Leverkusen. Hannover 96 was unable to play: the match against Dresden was canceled due to several cases of coronation among opponents.

May 18, 2020

Vacationers can come north again?

This will be the case in Schleswig-Holstein No entry for tourists and the ban on entry to the islands and Halligen was lifted. In Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, hotels, guesthouses and holiday apartments can also accommodate guests – initially only for residents and at 60% occupancy.

May 21, 2020

Ascension Day: A holiday with a touch of normality

In the best weather, the North Germans celebrate Father’s Day so calmly and with distance that the police later positive balance without major incidents can pull. Tourism is slowly gaining momentum in all northern countries. However, due to concerns about insufficient distances, in Schleswig-Holstein on the North Sea islands and in St. Peter-Ording and Büsum have entry bans for day travelers.

May 23, 2020

Empty: Corona epidemic after opening a restaurant

After the opening ceremony in A visit to a restaurant in Leer (East Frisia), 18 people tested positive for the corona virus. Among them is the owner of the restaurant. Over 200 people must be quarantined in the coming days. The guests of the closed event did not respect the rules of hygiene and distance.

May 30, 2020

Göttingen: Many infected after Christmas

During several larger private celebrations, they become infected Gottingen several people with coronavirus. First of all, it concerns one A residential complex on the outskirts of the city center. In the days that followed over 100 infected people have been reported, 200 people must be quarantined. To break the chains of infection, Göttingen’s schools and kindergartens are closing again and some sports are banned again.

May 31, 2020

Pentecost: Baltic Sea beaches sometimes too crowded

Numerous day tourists and holidaymakers are making Pentecost in the best weather, on the way to the coast. There are already a lot of traffic jams on Friday, especially on A1 towards the Baltic Sea. It will be on Sunday rush of visitors so large that the access roads in Scharbeutz and Haffkrug are closed to daytime tourists. On the North Sea coast, as on Ascension Day, on several islands and in places such as Büsum and St. Peter-Ording is banned for day travelers.

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Corona warning app in front of the monitor with turquoise-red logo © imago-images Photo: Jan Huebner

The borders with neighbors are becoming more permeable again – the Christmas rush to Denmark begins right away. Grote, Hamburg’s interior senator, received criticism and the Corona warning app was launched. still

Photo compilation: Christian Drosten, Cocid 19 vaccine bottle, old woman being examined for the presence of a crown.  © Picture Alliance, color box Photo: Michael Kappeler

A previously unknown lung disease broke out in China in late 2019. A few weeks later, the first case appears in the North. still

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