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A five-year network services contract strengthens connectivity and cooperation within the European Space Agency

LONDON, June 9, 2022 / PRNewswire / – DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) has been awarded a multi-year network and security service contract to provide European Space Agency (ESA) international scientists, engineers and computer scientists with scalable and secure network services, enabling them to seamlessly collaborate on their activities spaceships from anywhere.

View of the Earth from space

Through the agreement, DXC will contribute to ESA’s work on expanding European space capabilities and enable missions exploring the universe, exploring our solar system and orbiting the Earth to collect critical data that will allow us to better understand the effects of monitoring and mitigating climate change.

DXC will help transform ESA’s terrestrial network environment with the latest software-defined network technology to improve network scalability, performance and security. As a result, ESA personnel worldwide will work more effectively with colleagues and international partners on some of the world’s leading science and exploration missions. Parallel implementationDXC X platforma new, data-driven, intelligent automation platform will enable ESA to transform its networks and security systems into a silent state.

We are proud to be able to extend our successful 14-year partnership with ESA, ”said Chris Halbard, president of DXC Technology EMEA. it is literally crucial to the future of the world ”.

Filippo AngelucciChief Information Officer ESA, commented: Providing reliable essential IT services for our user community helped us keep our work going during the Covid-19 crisis. However, the new standard has also accelerated the pace of change in the agency and the need for more advanced and secure infrastructure. “

We expect DXC to work with us to further accelerate our IT transformation towards more flexible and secure platforms and to support our user communities in their constant search for innovative solutions. ”

DXC’s global network services, including campus and geographic networks, remote access, network security solutions and services, and service management integration via the DXC X platform, will enable ESA to manage highly complex projects with sensitive data to move to the next chapter of space exploration support and creating new markets for space technologies.

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More information about the European Space Agency:http://www.esa.int

Contacts: Jonathan Batty, DXC Technology, Jonathan.batty@dxc.com

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