how do i break up? 6 steps to a fair conclusion!

End a relationship via WhatsApp? You just don’t register anymore? Breaking the partnership is not easy for anyone. You also ask yourself, “How am I supposed to break up?” Then read on.

It’s over! Can you say this nicely to your future ex? How do I break up without causing additional pain to my boyfriend?

Ending a relationship is always painful. However, you don’t have to unpack the club for a union.

Always remember that you used to love your boyfriend.

Refrain from meanness and hurt. We will tell you how to honestly and stylishly draw a line.

You will find out in this post

A breakup always takes place in a few steps. Before you really go through with it, you should think about these points again.

how do i break up?

  1. Make absolutely sure you want to end this
  2. Find the right place
  3. Choose a good time
  4. You need to know exactly what you are going to say
  5. Have an honest conversation

How to break up – what you should think about in advance

Unfortunately, there is no patent on how to end a relationship. Unfortunately we cannot give you any 1 to 1 instructions.

However, we’ll show you some helpful tips and tricks that can help you.

However, there are a few things you should definitely think about before you herald the end of your relationship.

break up or not?

Before you worry about HOW, you should consider whether you really want to end the relationship.

The urge to break up always develops over time. It’s a process that doesn’t happen overnight.

Not sure if you want to break up? Then the pros and cons list can help you. What are the pros and cons of a relationship?

Exactly these arguments are also important in the actual breakup. This way you can be absolutely sure that you are doing the right thing.

So think ahead if you want to break up or not. Ending a relationship is not that easy to undo.

Which place do you choose to break up

Have you made the decision to end your relationship? Okay. Then it all comes down to finding the right location.

Do not choose a place where you have already spent many happy hours with your partner.

Do you want to break up at your home? Not the best idea. You are then in your safe zone. However, it’s hard to get a friend to leave when the conversation heats up.

A neutral place is best. A park bench or a quiet cafe. It is definitely not a crowded place. Because breaking up is often associated with tears.

In addition, it can be very humiliating for your partner when everyone can listen to you and other people see the end of the relationship.

when you break up

There is no perfect time to break up with your boyfriend. A breakup is almost always associated with anger, sadness, and fear.

Don’t wait forever to talk about the break-up.

You will then constantly ask yourself, “How do you break up? Why haven’t I finished it yet? ” In short: breaking up becomes more and more exhausting.

So don’t delay the conversation unnecessarily. The sooner you finish this, the sooner you both start working on your feelings.

Are you sure you want to end the relationship? Then ask your partner to explain and talk calmly as soon as possible.

what do you say?

Finding the right words when breaking up is always difficult. Many women tend to find flowery euphemisms.

But ultimately it does nothing but create a lot of confusion.

To avoid unnecessarily tormenting your counterpart, make sure you make your point clear right from the start. “It’s over!” or “I’m breaking up with you.”

This way you will also make it clear to your partner that you know what you are doing and that there is no room for arguing. Then you explain objectively how you came to that decision.

Of course, there may be sentences such as “Is this the end?” or “Give us one more chance!” You should answer this confidently and calmly. Show your counterpart that your decision is final.

How to do shutdown tips

How to break up – Implementation in 6 points

Once you’ve figured out where you’re going to say what and when, it’s time to implement it.

Each breakup is unique. What is right for one relationship may not necessarily apply to all partnerships. That’s why we’ve gathered together the most important tips to help you break up.

1. Be honest!

There are good times and bad times in any relationship. Take your time with the negative aspects of the breakup.

Make sure you are honest. The best thing you can do with anything you say is to ask yourself how you would have reacted if your partner had told you so.

It may make sense for the correct choice of words if you talk to yourself beforehand. This way you can prepare for any possible reaction.

2. Be honest and keep your feelings!

You don’t want to hurt your boyfriend? This is good. However, you should always be honest about your reasons for breaking up.

Hence, stick to the truth. This is the only way your counterpart can truly understand why you want to break up. Have your feelings, and also tell if you have fallen in love with someone else.

3. Be open!

Very few will simply accept such a separation. Questions will inevitably arise.

Be open about reasons for ending love or if your boyfriend cannot understand the arguments.

Openness is an essential part of drawing the right conclusions. So don’t make a speech and then run away, but objectively explain your point of view. Even if it hurts.

Also, explain to him how long you have been asking yourself “how can I break up” and how difficult it is for you.

4. Remember to break up privately!

how do i break up? Always in private, anyway! Nobody wants to be thrown by SMS or phone, right?

Even if it is inconvenient: a personal conversation is the only acceptable way to end a relationship. Meet your current partner and tell him what’s going on. Your relationship deserves a dignified ending.

how do i break up?

5. Have a quiet conversation!

In addition to WHAT you say, HOW is also important. After all, sound makes music.

Speak in a calm voice without shouting.

Emphasize that you are absolutely sure you want the relationship to end. But always pay attention to the level of the conversation.

6. Don’t list all the things your partner did wrong!

When separated, they are disadvantaged in some respects. Therefore, it is all the more important that you do not bombard him with accusations.

Don’t tell him about his mistakes, just keep the level. Arrange objectively and not below the belt. Otherwise, the separation meeting will end in a quarrel very quickly. Which makes the whole thing very complicated. After all, you probably still have things with him and he with you.

Always end a relationship your own way without blaming yourself, even if you may be disappointed or angry.

What’s the best way to end if …

The relationship comes to an end. There are certain situations that require a different approach than the “normal” breakup.

… he scares me

Have you experienced outbursts of anger, domestic violence or even violence in your relationship? Then it’s perfectly okay to move away from a safe distance.

Separation by WhatsApp or by phone is actually an absolute prohibition, but it’s perfectly fine in these situations.

You can also contact someone you trust. This can help you break up and, if necessary, protect you. You can also get information anonymously from the women’s hotline and ask for help.

… Doesn’t accept my decision

Do you think your partner will not accept a break-up? Then you should arm yourself in advance with good arguments.

You can also write down your reasons in advance and bring them to mind. This way, you can communicate your decision more clearly without letting your interlocutor change their mind.

… we live together

Sharing an apartment is always a difficult thing to do when it comes to ending a relationship. Therefore, before the breakup conversation, ask your friends or family if you can stay with them in the meantime.

In this way, you can both gain enough distance to your feelings. It’s best to pack your bag in advance and get ready to say goodbye.

After the first shock, you can sit down again and discuss together how and who should live.

… has a tendency to outbursts of anger

In most cases, you can estimate how your current partner will handle your decision before breaking up.

Do you think there will be a fight because he has a tendency to outbursts anyway? Then you should take precautions. Inform someone that you will announce the end of the relationship.

This person can then either wait for you outside or check on you at the agreed time.

how can i break up?

How not to break up

Now you know how to end a relationship. However, there are some things that you should definitely avoid.

Never break up with your phone, SMS or WhatsApp. Meet your boyfriend and explain to him in private why you want to break up. However, if you are afraid of your partner, you haven’t really been together, or he or she lives too far away, it may also be okay to break up impersonally.

Make sure you choose the right location for your breakup meeting. It shouldn’t be a completely crowded cafe where everyone can see what’s going on. Also not between the door and the hinge. Be sure to find a place where you are not alone, but where you can safely talk about everything.

The conversation should not lead to mutual blame accusations. Quarrel objectively and without screaming. If the situation is threatening to escalate, you should definitely get up and leave. Only after you have regained enough distance, you can sit down at the table again.

Our conclusion

how do i break up? Oh yeah: definitely a lump in the throat. Because ending a relationship is not easy for anyone. Thanks to honest, open and calm conversation, you are on the right side.

But before talking about the break-up, always think about the following points: “Should I break up or not?” A breakup can occur quickly, but can only be reversed in the rarest of cases.

Have the courage to openly and honestly end your relationship!

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