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Introversion is not a weakness, it can also help you achieve success in your career

Corporate events, Christmas party or ten o’clock meeting: While extroverts do really well in these situations, introverts often feel under pressure, according to author Sylvia Löhken in an interview with As extroverts are more visible and also promote their work more aggressively, it is often said that they are better suited for management positions. However, this is not true as introverts have other strengths that make them equally good at climbing the corporate ladder.

According to Löhken, the strengths of introverts are that they have very good analytical skills, they can develop detailed concepts and solve complex problems. They step into the situation very carefully. All the features that are in great demand in companies. A few tips can help you get your own work to the fore and you will be seen as present despite your calmer nature.

Careful preparation for meetings removes nervousness

Meetings are often crowded and there is room for discussion and suggestions. Introverts should prepare before the meeting and think about what to say. Trainer Susanne Dölz explains in an interview with the Berliner Zeitung that it is difficult for introverts to express themselves spontaneously in discussions if they are not entirely convinced of what they are saying. According to author Löhken, however, it is important to bring something to the meeting with one or two comments to show your presence. Introverts can decide what they want to comment on when preparing for a meeting. This will keep you safe and you won’t feel overwhelmed, says Löhken.

Working with extroverts can help

If there is a presentation in front of a team or client instead of a meeting, it can be helpful for introverts to bring an extroverted colleague to the presentation, explains Löhken in an interview with “”. The strengths of both characters can be used optimally: for example, an extrovert can openly approach the client and give a presentation, while an introvert is more responsible for technical questions.

Rely on one-on-one meetings when making contacts

Social networking and good contact with colleagues and outsiders are often seen as essential on a career path. However, socializing can be a challenge for introverts, especially in large groups. Therefore, introverts should find individual contacts and seek more one-on-one conversations, says kununu. Löhken also firmly believes that one-on-one conversations are a good way for introverts to build a network of contacts. A useful side effect is that one-on-one conversations are more memorable. For such conversations, for example, a lunch with colleagues or a drink after work is suitable. If you want to talk to your supervisor about your own results and work, you can also arrange an official meeting, as Löhken advises.

Don’t pretend: be authentic and show your presence

However, introverts shouldn’t pretend at work because: Introversion is no worse than extroversion. If the background noise becomes too disturbing or you are unable to concentrate properly, you can also put on headphones or retreat to an empty conference room for a few hours, advises kununu. It is important not to do this without saying a word and to offend colleagues. A simple sentence like: “There is a free conference room there. I will be finished much faster if I retire there for three hours, ”says Löhken.

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