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Belgian AB InBev brewery and Dutch Heineken are among the top 40 largest breweries in the world. In turn, German companies have been hit by the pandemic.


Internationally, German brewers later benefited from the easing of the koruna pandemic as leading giants in the industry.

In the new ranking of BarthHaas, the world’s largest hop trader for 2021, seven German companies are among the 40 largest breweries in the world. A year earlier, there were eight of them. The Warsteiner Brewery, which was 39th in the top 40 last year, has dropped out of the first league this time, according to a leading supplier of hops products.

Breweries are suffering from the pandemic

Like other Western European countries, Germany was one of the regions of the world that continued to suffer from corona restrictions in 2021, BarthHaas said. Most of the breweries located here would have had to deal with losses in volume, while companies from most other countries were able to recover compared to the first year of the pandemic.

According to the list, the largest German beer producer is still Oetker subsidiary Radeberger Group, which still ranks 22nd. TCB Beteiligungsgesellschaft ranks 24th again, including the Gilde brewery, Frankfurt Brauhaus and Feldschlößchen. The Oettinger Group was ranked 25th again. The private brewery Veltins, which was 40th for the first time last year, is represented there once again.

While these four German beer producers maintained their positions in the ranking, the two major German breweries, Krombacher from 31st to 30th and the Paulaner Group from 33rd to 31st, ranked in places. Meanwhile, Bitburger Group dropped from 32nd to 33rd place. And Warsteiner is no longer ranked in BarthHaas.

AB InBev and Heineken at the absolute top

The production volume of the 40 largest breweries increased by a total of approximately 80 million hectoliters to almost 1.7 billion hectoliters in 2021. This corresponds to an increase of almost 5%. Their share in the entire world market increased to 91.4 percent. Only the two largest breweries, AB InBev and Heineken, account for almost half of the beer production of the 40 largest breweries.

German breweries also faced severe restrictions in the catering industry in 2021. Closed restaurants, canceled folklore festivals, sports events without spectators – for many months in Germany it was almost impossible to serve draft beer. The production of draft beer has not resumed in many breweries until May 2021. While a fifth of the beer brewed in Germany usually goes to gastronomy, this sales channel has practically ceased to exist for many months, the German Association of Brewers complained at the time. (dpa)

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