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FC Bayern wins the Champions League – and receives a triple. Bayern beat Paris Saint-Germain 1-0 in an intense final. Philipp Selldorf reports from Lisbon. Born in Paris and trained for PSG, Kingsley Coman scored the decisive goal in the 59th minute. On the individual criticism of Saskia Aleythe. You can also read the game reviews here. Hanna Emunds reports on the celebration in Munich – fans without masks and with a short distance. After the defeat in Paris, riots broke out.

Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway is leaving the White House. Report from Washington Post According to the 53-year-old, he will retire at the end of August, two months before the presidential election. That’s why she wants to focus more on her four children during the corona crisis. Conway was one of President Trump’s closest and most loyal advisers. She led him to success as a campaign manager in 2016. To information

Iran: Investigation confirms sabotage at the Natan nuclear power plant. “The explosion was the result of sabotage. The security authorities will inform in due time about the reason, ”says a spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency. It does not say whether it was an act of internal or external sabotage. The Natans nuclear facility was damaged after a fire in July. More information

Attack on the chairman of the Jewish community in Graz. After the attack on Elie Rosen on Saturday, police in Austria said they had arrested the suspect. He is said to have attacked Rosen who was sitting in the car with a baseball bat and then escaped. Nothing is known about the theme. To information

Journalist dies after arrest in Mexico – UN calls for clarification. TV reporter Juan Nelcio Espinoza was arrested on charges of violence against security officials. According to prosecutors, the breathing problems led to death. Relatives of the journalist reported that they cut his throat. To information

Everything you need to know about the coronavirus

NRW begins a comprehensive inspection of masks on public transport. From the south, law enforcement, federal police, railroads and shipping companies want to check mask compliance across the country. Violations are subject to a fine of 150 euros. The “Pro Bahn” passenger association welcomes the action. The SPD criticizes this as a “show event”. More news from Germany

The US government allows treatment with blood plasma. Thanks to immunoplasmic therapy, patients receive plasma from people who developed antibodies after a natural infection. President Trump praises the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) endorsement as “a historic breakthrough,” even though the treatment is already widespread in the US. So far, however, it is not clear how effective plasma is in reducing Covid-19 mortality. Reports from around the world

More tests, more cases? Is the increase in infections in Germany related to the fact that more and more people are tested? Why there are many indications that this is not the case. Christian Endt and Benedict Witzenberger (SZ Plus)

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Republicans want to nominate Trump as their candidate. After last week’s Democrat convention, it’s the Republican turn. At the beginning of the party congress, Trump is to be nominated by delegates in Charlotte, North Carolina. To conclude the largely virtual event, the US president wants to deliver a speech on the south lawn of the White House on Thursday, with which he accepts the nomination. That the party has finally become Trump’s party is obvious to people who won’t speak there, writes Alan Cassidy (SZ Plus).

Hearing in the trial for the murder of a mosque bomber in Christchurch. The accused right-wing extremist unexpectedly pleaded guilty over a video link in March. The Australian was charged with 51 murders, 40 attempted murder and terrorism. Now the hearing of victims and relatives has started in a court in Christchurch, New Zealand. This should take several days. Then the verdict will be announced.

Health ministers discuss strategy in the face of the corona crisis. One of the topics is the requirements for celebrations and other events. The telephone conference should consider the risk of infection during such events. Federal Health Minister Spahn (CDU) has suggested that we re-talk about the permitted size of private entities due to the risk of infection. This is regulated differently in different countries.

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Cello night for $ 25. Up to 80,000 people currently attend concerts at the New York Metropolitan Opera – purely virtually. Streaming platforms are currently developing payment models for classical music concerts. And they should long ago offer more than the salon aesthetics typical of the Corona crisis. Author: Michael Stallknecht

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