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The EU is calling a special video-conference on Belarus on Wednesday. In connection with the ongoing protests, the President of the EU Council, Michel writes that people have the right to decide about their future and freely choose their leadership. A similar statement was made by the government spokesman, Merkel Seibert. The elections took place “without any minimum democratic standards.” It calls on the Belarusian authorities to refrain from violence against the demonstrators. It is in favor of a national dialogue with the participation of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). To the report

FDP General Secretary Teuteberg releases the office under pressure from Lindner. Volker Wissing is to be appointed as his successor at the September party conference. The current deputy prime minister of Rhineland-Palatinate is the party leader’s preferred candidate. To information

Democrats can count on Biden’s election victory. Things look fine for the contender to US President Trump and his party at the start of Monday’s nomination conference. According to polls, approval in the US states is now being distributed in such a way that Biden can win the majority of voters behind him. Review with constantly updated art by Christian Endt and Markus C. Schulte von Drach. Alan Cassidy plays the man who wants to overthrow Trump (SZ Plus).

What connects Scholz and Schulz. The unsuccessful candidate for the chancellor of the SPD accepts a successor in Würselen. While they haven’t done well in the past, they also share a few things. Mike Szymański (SZ Plus) writes about the new attempt.

Bushido meets in court with clan leader Arafat Abou-Chaker. Together they felt like brothers. But then there was a hiatus in 2017, Bushido ended business cooperation. Abou-Chaker is said to have threatened the rapper and harassed him. On the first day of the trial in Berlin, the men did not look at each other. Verena Mayer reports.

RWE conducts online auctions of lignite excavators. The type “Krupp 275” is 38 meters high and weighs 3,454 tons. 60 years ago, the colossus dug coal from the ground between Cologne and Aachen for the first time. Until now, mainly foreign entrepreneurs are interested in the device. Benedikt Müller-Arnold

Everything you need to know about the coronavirus

EXCLUSIVE Slaughterhouses have benefited from loose controls for years. Ever since the crown epidemics broke out in the meat industry, the industry is under special surveillance. According to the government’s response to a small question from the Greens, in the past, numerous health and safety violations were regularly detected during inspections. Nevertheless, controls have only now been stepped up. Henrike Rossbach reports.

Merkel is generally open to extending short-term work. The measure took Germany relatively well through the corona crisis, said a government spokesman for Seibert in Berlin. You have millions of jobs in companies. The government is currently discussing a possible one-year extension. Reports from Germany

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It’s serious. Too many Germans now disregard Covid-19. Another blockade with fatal consequences can only be avoided if everyone is united. Comment by Ulrich Schäfer

Why the parity law is a good thing. Men and women have equal rights. But the whole history of emancipation teaches that there is no progress without concrete and offensive legal aid. Heribert Prantl’s weekly political announcement

In the realm of shadows. It is said that every Slovenian has to climb Triglav once in his life. The lakes around the mountain are still not overcrowded. Dominik Prantl

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Your opinion on the growing number of corona cases. netfiddler suspects the second wave may come sooner than expected: “The increase in cases here is also clearly directly related to returning travelers here, as was feared.” nabob traits such as “insight, common good and self-criticism” are missing in society: “Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten warned us early on that we were in danger of losing our edge. Don’t worry: we can do it! ” reader Radulfh’s squad warns: “We are all responsible! (…) The time has come for the silent majority to drown out the denying, ignorant and Corona trolls. Join the discussion.

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