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FROM: Natalie-Margaux Rahimi, Jakob Koch


With a ticket for 9 euros, the quiet island of Sylt is currently shaken. About 100 punks celebrate with music and beer in Westerland. There were also incidents.

Patch for June 5, 2022 1:35 PM: During the Pentecost weekend, numerous holidaymakers and party-goers also embarked on an inexpensive train journey to Sylt. And pictures of punks celebrating on Sylt suggested the worst: Should “Chao Stage Sylt 2022” really become a reality? According to the police, it was largely quiet, but there have been isolated incidents. This is reported by 24hamburg.de.

Punks board Sylt with a € 9 ticket: assault on restaurant workers in Westerland

Photos and videos from social networks show the consequences of the 9 euro punk invasion: a sleeping drunk, rubbish and dirt in the streets of Westerland. As reported by Hamburger Abendblatt, an incident occurred on Saturday night in front of a restaurant in downtown Westerland: According to this, an employee who wanted to talk to punks was strangled by a stranger – but reportedly has not suffered in any way. serious injuries.

Days of Chaos in Sylt: Restaurant Chef is on a Bad Balance – “The Pentecost Business is Totally in a Bucket”

The restaurant chef complained to Abendblatt about the consequences of the punk invasion: “Whitsun’s business is completely in a bucket. We could take advantage of this after the hard times of the pandemic. Only a bottle of schnapps helps.

Island: Sylt
Federal state: Schleswig-Holstein
Sea: North Sea

With a € 9 ticket to Sylt: The days of chaos on the North Sea island, according to police, did not take place

Patch for June 5, 2022 08:50: In any case, it had been fairly quiet so far. Police underlined this over the weekend. There were no major surgeries during the night, almost 20 operations were performed. The group of 50 to 80 punks who had been on the island for a few days was “a bit noisy” but that was also nothing special.

The great chaos did not happen, and the NDR also quotes Karl-Max Hellner of the Sylter entrepreneurs: “Of course we’re happy about it. And we are happy with every visitor who comes to the island. After all, some forces are deployed – ie pilots and mediators. I think everything has worked out so far. We hope it will continue to be peaceful.

Original article, June 4, 2022: Westerland / Sylt – A few weeks ago various groups called for “Chaos Days Sylt 2022” and terrified the peaceful North Sea island of Sylt. The network then made fun of Sylt with tons of memes and GIFs. The cause of the panic in Sylt was the announcement of a ticket for 9 euros, which from 1 June 2022 allows you to travel to an island in the North Sea and back for only nine euros a month – and as often as you like. After the first day in Sylt was rather quiet, around 100 punks came to Westerland. They mix the island on Wilhelmina with music and beer.

Chaos Days Sylt: 100 punks take Westerland – leisurely party with music and beer

The 24Hamburg.de reporter was live on site and had an idea of ​​the punks in Westerland. So far, about 100 punks have been hanging around Wilhelmine in Westerland, listening to music, drinking beer and partying. Everything is going smoothly. Our reporter reports that in the 1980s and 1990s punks met in the same place, by the fountain.

With a ticket for 9 euros: the punks enter Westerland, Sylt. © Dagmar Schlenz

As reported by Abendblatt, two smaller police operations took place on Sylt during the night. Apparently, there have been two riots by punks on Westerland Beach. The window was also blurred. However, there is no trace of chaos at present. The police are still on the alert. After all, the weekend is still long.

Days of Chaos Sylt: Leftist activists have called for a storm on Sylt

Another reason for the slightly tense situation in Sylt is also the call of left-wing activists to shake the island properly. Destroy a rich vacation, was the tenor. Conversation in particular should be loud, encouraging listening to music and partying on the quiet beaches of Sylt.

Hundreds of punks wander around the Wilhelmine Fountain in Westerland, Sylt.
With a € 9 ticket to Sylt: the rush to the island begins. © Dagmar Schlenz

By the way, the island itself also hosts events that are typical of Sylt on the day of Pentecost. There will be, among others beach polo party, outdoor parties and a Whit Sunday concert. Hopefully punks or other groups won’t try to enter these parties as well. As long as things remain calm, the island will certainly welcome a different kind of visitor.

With a € 9 ticket to Sylt: the rush to the island begins

With the start of the long Pentecost weekend, the rush to the island was clearly noticeable. While the first few days were rather quiet, it got noticeably busier on Friday 3 June. Many reports of full trains can be found on Twitter. “As expected, regional trains, especially to tourist destinations, are in high demand today,” a Deutsche Bahn spokesman for Hamburger Abendblatt said Saturday.

The € 9 ticket will be valid in June, July and August and costs just € 9 per month. This means that public transport can be used throughout the country and, with a few exceptions, also regional trains. If you keep an eye on the cost of a € 9 ticket, nothing will stop you from traveling through Germany. Sylt is just one of many beautiful destinations in Northern Germany with a € 9 ticket.

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