Pimples instead of a pill: Germany’s Next Topmodel finalist puts an end to hormones

He prefers to show up with acne on his face than to swallow hormones: Hanna Hügelkamp, ​​finalist of the casting “The next top model in Germany” stopped taking pills. In doing so, she risks her modeling job – and is a role model, especially for young women.

Slim figure, blonde hair, long legs – model Hanna Bohnekamp largely corresponds to the current beauty ideal, with one exception: the 26-year-old has recently suffered from acne. The reason: the former finalist of the Next Topmodel competition in Germany has stopped taking the contraceptive pill.

This makes her one of an increasing number of women who prefer not to take the pill every day. Many women not only take the contraceptive. The pill can also help with menstrual problems, body hair and even pimples.

The pill has not only positive effects

Hanna Bohnekamp was prescribed it at the age of 14. Mainly to fight acne. With clean skin, Hanna succeeded as a model: in 2010, she made it to the finals of Heidi Klum’s casting in Germany.

Not only does the contraceptive pill have positive effects, but its side effects should not be underestimated: “It is thrombosis, vascular obstruction, weight gain may occur,” explains drug expert Prof. Gerd Glaeske from the University of Bremen. “Also, as the package leaflet says, there is a loss of sexual curiosity and even sexual desire. But mental disorders can also develop.

Here is a photo of Hanna Bohnekamp on Instagram – brave for pimples

Birth control pills: unwanted side effects

Hanna also reports unwanted side effects such as chest pain and mood swings. “When I stopped taking them, my symptoms disappeared overnight. And I could be sure: it comes from a pill, ”the model quotes. Many other things were then noticed, including water retention.

Since the 26-year-old took his pill, the pimples have returned. Therefore, the model is now receiving rejections for photo shoots. “Obviously, it affects my modeling work. We need clean skin, ”explains Hanna.

Confident despite pimples: Hanna shows up without makeup on Instagram

Nevertheless, minor flaws do not bother the model. On her Instagram account, the 26-year-old shows up in many photos without makeup and with unclean skin. Most of her 15,000 followers find it wonderful how openly Hanna is about this topic. In the comments below her posts, she gets a lot of support and encouragement.

A user writes under a photo that clearly shows Hanna’s impurities: “I think it’s great how you handle the subject. I just got over that and it was a really tough time for me. However, after a year, everything returned to normal. ” Another thinks, “Wow, you are beautiful.” And another user says, “I think it’s great that you are showing your face so honestly. Perfection is boring. “

The pill is a medicine

The contraceptive pill is a widely used contraceptive, often prescribed by gynecologists. The main argument is that pregnancy prevention is very safe and uncomplicated, and is well tolerated by most women.

The pill is still a medicine – and as such it can cause a number of side effects that are often overlooked or underestimated by many users.

Prof. Glaeske also criticizes this. “I think it is especially important when a pill is prescribed for the first time or in the first few years to be aware of the risks time and time again. And if the young woman comes back and wants another prescription, explain: How was the pill tolerated, what changes has she noticed in herself? “As told by stern.de.

Groundwater Residues: The pill also has an environmental impact

The pill affects not only the human body, but can also cause harm to nature. The hormones contained in the pill are flushed out by the woman’s body and enter our water system through the toilet. The hormone goes to lakes and other bodies of water, as well as our drinking water and food.

For example, a 2016 study looked at the effects of this hormone on salmon, trout and roach. Scientists concluded that fish exhibited altered genetic makeup and behavior under the influence of estrogen. Fish have been shown to have problems hunting and reproducing.

German Next Topmodel finalist: a role model for young women

There are strict ideals of beauty on Instagram, those who cannot keep up are punished, little attention and unpleasant comments. By showing up here without makeup and with pimples, Hanna Bohnekamp is a role model for young women who are often insecure. Hanna shows that the pimples are actually quite normal and shows that you don’t have to get rid of them at all costs.

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