Pirna: Pirna: The 90-year-old bathes regularly in the Elbe

Pirna: The 90-year-old bathes regularly in the Elbe

Albert Jäger likes to hide from his door. Senior is not only physically fit.

90-year-old Albert Jäger from Oberposta near Pirna likes to swim in the Elbe.
© Daniel Schaefer

Tuesday morning. The air is cool and clean. Apart from the lively chirping of birds, the world in Oberpost seems to be quiet. One is already up, namely Albert Jäger, who lives in his nice house on the Elbe. He hadn’t eaten breakfast yet. It comes later. The 90-year-old puts on his shoes, opens the front door, walks ten meters through the garden, crosses the road, and then carefully climbs into the cool waters of the Elbe, which flows in front of his door towards the North Sea in Oberpost. A short dive and splashing, the senior has had enough. Back to a cozy home and a fluffy bathrobe? Totally not! Now it runs a few laps on the lawn. Of course, barefoot. Therefore, it does not need a towel, it dries the air and the morning sun. Only then does it go to the warm kitchen, where he has already placed the kettle.

Very close to nature

The people of Pirna bathe in the Elbe up to three times a week. A feast for body and soul, he says. “When I’m in the water, I feel very close to nature.” And each time he experiences nature differently. “Sometimes the Elbe is blue, sometimes gray, sometimes almost greenish, it is always dependent on cloud formation. It is a fascinating spectacle, ”reports Albert Jäger. Even heavy rain won’t stop him from bathing. Contrary! “Then I feel the water and rain like a kind of barrier. This is where I always feel especially alive, ”says Albert Jäger out loud.

Ice baths are a thing of the past

A year ago, he did not even stop in winter and jumped into the icy water. But those times are over. “I don’t want to risk and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone, especially me,” he says. He misses a bit about swimming in the cold Elbe. “It has always been good for me. The Elbe even invigorates me in winter, “Postaer says. After the bath, he felt comfortable in his scarlet skin. But he didn’t want to convince anyone of his morning exercises that he was doing something like that,” explains Jäger. He certainly never wanted to be seen as a capricious idiot. “In eastern countries, winter bathing is common and keeps you in good condition,” he says. But you don’t have to look that far. Birkwitz also meets the corpse regularly to swim in the gravel lake in winter and summer. The couple even managed to stay in the water for ten years. minutes in the freezing cold. “It’s all a matter of getting used to,” says Albert Jäger. In any case, having a cold is a foreign word to him from the beginning of the Elbe bathing ritual. And for Albert Jäger, Corona was not a problem, which he attributes to his regular baths in the Elbe. immune system, ”says Obe Rostaer.

gratitude prevails

Incidentally, Jäger doesn’t wear swimsuits. But there is also no hostility or disbelief. Contrary. “Most of the people here in Oberpost know me and wave at me. We live in a good community ”- she reports. A local resident swam with him on the water.

In general, a senior is concerned about the condition. He recently bought a new bicycle which he rides along the banks of the Elbe. He thinks for a moment and then says, “I am happy and thankful that at my age I can still do what I like.”

Not only is his love of bathing refreshingly extraordinary. Albert Jäger’s CV also does not need to be read in a straight line. He was born near Paderborn and studied philosophy and theology after high school. In 1965, he left the profession of a Catholic priest. “I could no longer bear the dogmatism of the Church.” So he switched to teaching and worked for many years as a teacher at the Bielefeld High School. His wife, whose tombstone is now in his garden on the Elbe, died in 1999. To be closer to his daughter, who works as a pastor in Geising, he bought a house in Oberpost. “I immediately liked the location on the Elbe.” He never regretted this decision, even after the floods in 2013.

On the go on the web

Although Albert Jäger lives alone in a big house, he is not alone. “I have a lot of friends in Pirna and I enjoy communicating through the Ipernity social network.” Since 2008, he has posted photos and writes articles about everything and everything. He has over 363,000 hits, he reports proudly. And the world suits him because he translates some of his articles into French and English. “This is how I come abroad to Posta on the Elbe,” says the polyglot from Pirna. His purpose? As long as he is well, he will swim in the Elbe in the morning.

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