Sym sets a new economic model for medium-sized companies: small and medium-sized companies work together in an ecologically, regionally and socially responsible manner

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  • As the first end-to-end service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Sym offers all the services needed to successfully manage your business and transform sustainability from a single source
  • Ecosystem with organized participation and innovative business intelligence platform “Symsuite”
  • An innovative economic model: from maximizing returns to maximizing utility

Wars, disruptions, globalization, digitization, climate neutrality, new jobs and an ongoing pandemic are just some of the themes that determine our lives and our world of work today, and remind us every day: Our world is changing. Disrupted supply chains, inflation, the threat of stagflation, cyber attacks and rising energy and consumer prices are all evidence that the economic models of the last few decades have their day. Global challenges require a rethink that focuses on ethics and sustainable development as major economic drivers.

Small and medium-sized companies employ around 56 percent in Germany. [1] employees with social security contributions. How can these 32 million jobs be secured in increasingly unstable conditions? How should SMEs withstand the pressure of the global market and at the same time, for example, rely on environmentally friendly resources and technologies? How can ethical management compete with the price pressure of large vendors?

[1] Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), 2022

The Sym Group has set itself the task of solving this challenge: Sym supports SMEs in positioning themselves sustainably and becoming independent from global dependencies of the world market. The aim is to establish a common, ethical and sustainable way of doing business in order to preserve and promote the regional SME landscape. After eight years of research and development with selected companies, Sym is now entering the scaling phase with a new and unique economic model for SMEs: “The SME market is facing an enormous shock and we are providing a platform and consultancy services for self-determined transformation. Our integrated consultancy and services from a single source enable even small businesses to support the level of quality that was previously only possible for large companies. This allows for an effective reorientation towards customers and core business. We ensure their existence and support in all areas of business management and make a significant contribution to increase in the company’s value. To this end, we have developed a new economic model that does not yet exist and replaces the much-practiced winner-take-all system, says Michael Schwienbacher, ecosystem architect at Sym.

Innovative Business Intelligence platform as a digital control center for over 200 future management services in 10 departments

Sym offers end-to-end services that enable SMEs to operate more professionally and cost-effectively. A total of ten departments, the so-called service lines, cover all important areas of business management: administration, finance, media, human resources, tax, law and digital. Examples of services are company valuation, IT services, setting up a virtual office or setting up and maintaining a website. All services are currently only available to selected pilot customers and are under development and testing. Month by month, more automated services will be added to the 58 services already available to end customers.

The digital center of the service spectrum is Symsuite, an innovative Business Intelligence platform that provides company data daily and around the clock as a basis for decision making. Participating SMEs benefit from Symsuite as part of reserved consulting and services, have access to their secured data and benefit from intelligent data analysis and control pulses. In this way, the relevant management team has quick and easy access to data from financial accounting, operational areas of work, as well as all information that is necessary in discussions with clients, in discussions in the area of ​​human resources or, for example, in investment decisions. So far, only financially strong corporations could afford such processing of information via Business Intelligence platforms.

Sym also gives SMEs access to regional service centers and symworking spaces, the so-called hypocenters, five of which already exist. Country-wide locations around Munich, Heidelberg and Bonn / Cologne act as incubators, accelerators and innovation centers. Experienced entrepreneurs of the real economy and founders meet in a creative work environment, exchange ideas and jointly use technological, financial and human resources.

Responsible investors enable the creation of a new ecosystem: Green Circle and ÖRS Invest [2]

“Relieving entrepreneurs through competent management support enables them to return to their core business, use resources responsibly and cooperate in a spirit of trust in regional ecosystems. Especially in the current economic climate, this is critical to securing the business, supply chains and jobs, ”says Andreas Kramer, Sym’s Managing Director and Partner. The Green Circle was established in November 2021, a group of investors and entrepreneurs who think and act in a sustainable manner, who want to bring capital to Symu and the transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises and want to actively help in shaping a new form of economy. They are not only concerned with maximizing financial return and exit strategies, but with return in three dimensions: long-term, sustainable and adequate return on capital employed (financial return), investments with a positive impact on society (social return). and investments in environmentally friendly and resource efficient companies (green returns). “We want to move away from pure return maximization and towards maximizing the benefits of a new form of circular economy. All members share Sym’s vision and values, bring their responsible capital to the ecosystem, and use their own network for further expansion – an ideal constellation, ”says Martin Bachmann, spokesman for Green Circle and partner at Sym.

[2] ÖRS: Ecological Regional Social

In addition to Green Circle, private investors also have the option to invest through Fintech ÖRS Invest. The platform enables social and individual placement in order to finance companies with debt capital. This allows companies to be independent of the classical credit system and direct financing by all stakeholders. Prerequisite for this is an ÖRS audit, during which the company is successively developed and accompanied by a transformation towards an ecological and ethical company. The capital invested does not affect the anonymous world financial markets, but the real economy of German medium-sized companies – an important pillar of the entire German economy. ÖRS Invest is unique in the market thanks to this direct opportunity to support the sustainability changes of the SMEs audited by ÖRS.

o sym

Sym is a group of companies that focus on honest business based on ecological, regional and socially sustainable principles. The ‘Symsuite’ digital platform connects small and medium-sized businesses to form a large ecosystem, thus creating structures for sharing resources, experiences and skills. In this way, Sym separates companies from the global dependencies of the global market, secures their existence and supports the management of the enterprise. Sym offers the necessary services, such as company valuation, IT services, setting up a virtual office or setting up and maintaining a website in a total of ten specialist areas from a single source. The goal is the long-term preservation of a regionally diverse corporate landscape that works for the benefit of society and nature. The locations in Munich, Sauerlach, Heidelberg and Bonn / Cologne act as innovation hubs where experienced entrepreneurs and founders meet to share technological, financial or human resources in a creative work environment.

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[1] Federal Statistical Office (Destatis), 2022

[2] ÖRS: Ecological Regional Social

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