The last concert of “Music from Dresden” in Birkenfeld


Music from Dresden disappears after 41 years: Ludwig Güttler, one of the world’s leading trumpet virtuosos, will be a guest at the farewell concert on 19 June in Birkenfeld.

As artistic director, Dorothee Schumacher was for many years the face of the concert series “Music from Dresden”. With her resignation, it will end and the association will also be dissolved.

Photo: Stefan Friedrich

In Birkenfeld, in a few days, “Music from Dresden” will finally disappear and the association supporting it will be dissolved. Art director Dorothee Schumacher steps down after nearly four decades. No successor was found. Therefore, on June 19, we will come full circle with the official farewell concert.

The guest will be Ludwig Güttler, one of the world’s leading trumpet virtuosos, for whom this concert is also an important stop on his farewell tour. Güttler has been associated with Birkenfeld since he was invited by then-Pastor Hans Haag in the early 1980s and has been a regular and welcome guest ever since.

“There is, of course, a slight melancholy,” admits Schumacher – with the last concert in mind – in an interview with the editorial office. She will miss meetings and conversations with artists. “It has always been an amazing enrichment.”

Now I can sit down at the concert and enjoy the music.

Dorothe Schumacher, art director

However, contacts will not be completely lost, even if he resigns as art director. “Many personal friendships have developed” which of course she will continue to cultivate. Then you will certainly also remember visiting her home, how she entertained the artists and gave them a second home in Birkenfeld, whether when they were initially staying at her house or camping in the garden.

But in the future, she will no longer have to worry about all the work related to the organization of such concerts. “Now I can sit down at the concert and enjoy the music,” she says cheerfully. But Schumacher also knows that the municipality regrets its resignation as well as the fact that no one has been found to take over their office and the tasks associated with it.

“I always said: The Birkenfelders could almost go to a high-class concert wearing slippers,” says Schumacher, knowing the popularity of the concert series. “First of all, our prices have always been very humane, because I wanted everyone to be able to afford it.” This should also be the case on June 19. In order for as many listeners as possible to come, they moved from the church to the Black Forest Hall.

At the officially last concert, visitors can expect baroque brass music, works by Johann Sebastian Bach or Henry Purcell. “Of course, this is the specialty of Ludwig Güttler, who cultivated baroque music with his ensembles,” notes Schumacher. In professional circles, he is still considered the best Bach trumpeter in the world.

The trumpet virtuoso also expresses his close ties to Birkenfeld’s greeting in which he personally thanks Schumacher, with a series of concerts in mind, for helping to “bloom this flower”. Those interested in music in Birkenfeld “encouraged dialogue with the musicians from Dresden as best they could”. Only in this way did big names such as Gunter Emmerlich end up in Birkenfeld.

The art director remains faithful to the music

Even if “Musik aus Dresden” has passed in Birkenfeld and Dorothee Schumacher is no longer the art director, you don’t have to do without her help. She has already been asked from Straubenhardt if she can help in her contacts to do something for the cultural life there.

Of course he’ll be an intermediary, Schumacher said. And the church community can still count on them when they need help organizing a church concert. “Of course I would,” he says. “It’s not such a big effort with a concert” – unlike with a whole series of concerts that have to be planned and prepared intensively.

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