Will EA end with FIFA soon? More and more speaks for it

Will FIFA 22 be the last “FIFA” we know? Following the first reports of a possible name change, a new statement from the FIFA football association now also indicates that the game franchise may change.

What’s happening in FIFA? In the past few days, it has been increasingly said that EA Sports may seek to rename after FIFA 22.

  • First, EA Sports announced in a press release: “Looking to the future, we are also exploring the idea of ​​renaming our EA Sports global soccer games.”
  • Then the New York Times reported that the FIFA license for EA Sports would be quite expensive in the future and may contain restrictions. You can find out more about the costs here.
  • EA also expanded its collaboration with FIFPRO, which covers a large chunk of important game naming rights.
  • In addition, EA has registered the name “EA Sports FC” – Indication of a possible new name?

After these reports, another tip now comes: FIFA has released a statement that is about expanding its own gaming and esports area. Striking: The statement made no mention of either EA Sports or the famous FIFA franchise.

The FIFA statement talks about new partners

What does FIFA say? In its statement, FIFA emphasizes that it is striving for a long-term future in the gaming and esports sector. It is clear that change is inevitable: “FIFA will change its position in the gaming and esports business to make decisions in the interests of all football interests.”

Among other things, FIFA explains that it is abandoning the idea of ​​working with just one partner: “FIFA believes in its future in games and esports for soccer and believes that not only one side can control all rights alone.” , the statement said: “Technology and mobile companies are actively seeking to engage with FIFA, its platforms and global tournaments.”

We are in contact with various representatives of the industry. They are said to be analysts, developers and investors who are to work out a long-term strategy in the gaming sector. The specific names of the new partners are not mentioned – but neither is EA Sports.

In particular, it explains that FIFA “improves FIFA esports and soccer”[…] they want to connect ”and would like to use the FIFA World Cup and the Women’s World Cup to offer new games and esports offers. In addition, in principle, ‘skill-based esports tournaments’ should be organized.

A new competition for the successors of FIFA 22?

What does this mean for “FIFA”? There are still no specific announcements that the separation of EA Sports and FIFA is in fact inevitable. But more and more details indicate that a coup may take place.

In FIFA, a lot of content is created through other partnerships such as FIFPro, but also leagues and unions. So it would be possible to continue the game “FIFA” in a different context. However, a name that has been in use for many years should probably go down in history if you decide to separate.

At the same time, it should be interesting if FIFA decides to transfer the rights to another game developer. Under certain circumstances, there may be new competition in the soccer market in games for EA.

Longtime FIFA competitor Pro Evolution Soccer was just going through a major shift. But the start of the new eFootball was not a good one. In addition, it seems that another player in football is being announced – “UFL”.

It will be exciting to see how the situation around FIFA and EA Sports unfolds. As soon as there is more information, we will keep you updated on MeinMMO.

What do you think about the change to the FIFA franchise? Do you think it is necessary – or would you prefer to leave everything as it is? Would this be an option for you to switch to a new series of games if an alternative appeared? Tell us in the comments!

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